New Feature: On-Line Loan Application

I am so pleased to announce that I have now have a secure on-line loan application on Mortgage Porter.  You can find it at "Favorite Links" (right under my big head).

So if you would like me to assist you with a mortgage for your property located in Washington State and you are interested in financing for purchase, refinance or second mortgage, you can complete the application and I will be promptly notified.

Of course, I still welcome email, phone call interviews, web-conference and an old fashioned face to face consultation.   There are times in our busy schedules when we need flexibility and so I’m very happy to have this resource available to you.

Should you elect to complete an on-line loan application, you will be prompted to enter your email address and to create a password.  The secure site will walk you through the rest.

I look forward to adding more new features to Mortgage Porter.  Any ideas?

New Mortgage Porter Feature: Weekly Tips

Are you considering buying a home or refinancing in the future?  You can now sign up to receive weekly email tips on home buying, preparing to refinance and credit scoring.  Simply click on the links I’ve provided on the left side of Mortgage Porter under the green Mortgage Weekly box at Favorite Links. 

It’s simple, free and I won’t hound you (unless you want me to)!   

Follow Mortgage Porter on Twitter

I have been totally impressed watching how Brian Brady has utilized Twitter to keep his clients (consumer and real estate) informed of market trends with Twitter.   He has inspired me to do kind of the same.  I’m not going to give daily lock advice (99% of time, I would encourage you to lock anyway).   

But I will post

I’m not sure how exactly how I’m going to use Twitter.   I invite you to be a part of my Twitter beta-group.  Click here.

The market is just moving and changing so quickly, I think it calls for information to be distributed quicker for those who desire that.   Don’t worry…I promise won’t add a CNBC nano-second ticker on the bottom of my website for the latest breaking news…you will see my Twitter updates on the left side of this blog (under favorite links).

Mortgage Market Guide Weekly Updates

I received a nice email this morning from someone who appreciates the Mortgage Market Guide Newsletter.  I must admit, I don’t write the content for the MMG Weekly; it’s created by the professionals at Mortgage Market Guide.   I have noticed some local blogs where lenders are re-posting this information as their own; the MMG professionals deserve full credit for what they do on a weekly basis.

I subscribe to this as a tool for my clients, professional and consumer, to learn more about what’s going on in the mortgage industry and what their weekly predictions are on what rates may do and why they may move in a certain direction.   If you would like to be added to my email list so you receive this automatically, just drop me a line.   Or you can simply click on the green box on the left side of this blog to obtain the latest MMG Weekly report.

I also subscribe to Mortgage Market Guider’s bond watch which provides me with updates every hour via a text message on my phone.  In addition, I receive alerts if I should lock or float loans (I prefer locking).   Mortgage Market Guide is just one of the many tools that I invest in to help me stay on top of my profession.Dec_01_2007_vid00011_1_3

I do write my own monthly email newsletter as well (opt in).  I’m hoping to be able to pull it off this month…however with the holidays and trying to get my calendars and Christmas cards out to everyone; it may prove a bit challenging!   In fact today, we’re planning on putting up our tree (I can’t wait).   We bought it last night in the snow after a snow ball fight.

My computer problems are haunting.


I’ve had spooky computer problems this past week.  My lap top has expired, may it rest in peace (or pieces by the time I done with it).   My new computer should be arriving by Halloween.   If you have sent me an email  and I have not responded, it very well be due this issue. Please call me or use instead.   We also decided to replace our antique desk top at home and have made the switch to a Mac (my laptop is not since I need Windows XP Pro for work).     Currently I’m using a "loaner" lap top from my gracious employer.   

I’ll be glad when the transition to the new computers are complete!  This entire process is making me feel like a witch!

By the way, if you’re on my Mortgage Market Guide Weekly email list…you can obtain a copy of the newsletter here.  My email database is down and out until I have my new lap top up and running.

It’s so nice to meet you!


Fact is, most of my clients, I never meet face to face.   Odd isn’t it?  I’m caring for   one of their largest financial transactions and it’s all handled via email or phone calls.  I could be standing in line at the grocery store next to someone who I don’t know (or recognize) yet I’ve seen all their financial information…credit scores, bank accounts, retirement portfolio, collections, etc.  if I facilitated their mortgage.

I think when people find me from the internet, they want to make sure that I am "for real" and not some cheesy photo on a web site.    When clients are referred to me from their friends and family, they trust that their friend or family member had a successful experience working with me and they seem to not have the need to see me.   Let’s face it, we are all very busy people and coordinating two or three schedules to coincide can be a small miracle.

The other day, I met a very nice couple during their lunch hours.   It was a refreshing reminder to me of why I should meet with clients face to face.  Not just so they can see me, I enjoyed getting to know them better on a more personal level.    However, sometimes when we have days ticking away on a newly composed purchase and sale agreement and the luxury of time is nil, we may not have the option of trying to schedule a "sit-down" consultation.   Finding the time to complete a loan application, review your good faith estimate or a credit report while sitting across from each other may seem challenging. 

A few months ago, I added a new feature to my mortgage practice that allows me to show my clients what I’m viewing on my computer right on their computer(s).   If a couple are in different locations and cannot travel to the same spot at the same time, we can arrange a virtual meeting to review all of the important documentation and planning that is required in the mortgage process.   It’s very convenient for todays busy schedules.   Imagine this, you’re sitting at your computer at work, home or where ever and your spouse is on their computer:  both of you viewing what I have on my computer.  Together we could be reviewing good faith estimates, credit reports, various reports analyzing possible mortgage structures…you name it!   

The problem is, I’m not using this tool as much as I should be!  So I thought I should put it "out there" to let you know this is available and is a great resource that I want to share with you.   Ask me about it. 

Online Networking and Facebook

I signed up for Facebook after reading Dustin Luther’s post at Rain City Guide.    I must admit, it feels odd to me (and I’m not sure why) to have "profiles" every where on the internet.   I guess I’m more use to people knowing how to find me via visiting my website…blogging, is much more social than a static website.

I created a MySpace page quite a while ago…I’d share the link with you but I hardly ever use it anymore!   My original motives for setting up was to learn more about it and try to see why our kids were so ga-ga over it.   

I’ve only had this account for a few days (not as long as Dustin with 6 months) so I have not figured all the ins and outs yet.Facebook, at least for me, is more professional (than my myspace page).   If you have a profile, stop by and say "hello"!  I’m always happy to add a friend.   

My new phone…the Treo 700wx

Palmtreo700wxsI was literally counting the days of being able to trade in my Treo 650 for a new phone.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with a Treo or what type of phone I would wind up with.   I love gadgets!  For my phone, beyond the obvious receiving and sending phone calls, I also need:

  • To send and receive emails
  • Manage task/to-do list
  • Calendar
  • Web capability (a girl’s got to blog and research if she has any "down time)
  • Contact/data base management
  • Camera/Video
  • Loads of memory
  • Text messaging (for my Mortgage Market Guide updates on rates)
  • Having the phone backed up to my pc

I decided on the Treo 700wx.

My previous Treo was Palm based.   I’ve been a Palm user for so long that I get a little sentimental tear in my eye when I think back to my first Palm Pilot and having to learn the graffiti in the pre-keyboard days.   With this phone, I made the leap to Microsoft Mobile.   

I love having Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.  My goal is to consolidate the number of programs that I currently use on a daily basis.   I am longing for Palm’s Task List (you can designate task with different priorities from A-C and then number them within the assigned letter) and the calendar which I had color coded for events and people.

I’m hoping I’ll be happy with my decision to leave Palm for Windows.  I’ve only had the phone for a couple of days and I’m trying to not accidentally call people since I’m learning where all of the new buttons are.

I’m still trying to figure out a few simple things, like how I can add a signature to my email within the new Treo and if there’s a better way to manage my task.  Currently, they are all on the present day, instead of having them just show on what ever day I plan to do a specific task (such as needing to follow up on something for a mortgage in process).   

If any readers have one of the new Treo’s with Windows Mobile…and you have some advice for me…I’m all ears (or thumbs)!