Evolution of a Mortgage Transaction & FAQs

I have so many different articles regarding the mortgage process and the typical questions that pop up…I thought I would try to assemble a chronological list based on the process for future reference.  This page will be updated as I either write new post OR find some old goodies that are still relevant to share.

PLEASE remember that mortgage guidelines change constantly and it’s very possible that some content on this blog is out of date.

PLEASE consult with your local, licensed mortgage professional before taking action with your credit, assets or debts. If you are considering buying or refinancing a home located anywhere in Washington state, I am happy to help you!

Selecting your Mortgage Professional

How to tell if a mortgage rate quote is fresh? (How long does a quote last?)


Before you start the mortgage process, do this!

Establishing Credit Scores

Improving Your Credit Score

What is “Shallow Credit”

You may think you know your credit score

Should I refi my car before buying a home (or refinancing)?

How many times will my credit report be pulled during the mortgage process?

Down Payment and Funds for Closing

Funds for Closing When You’re Buying a Home

What Determines How Much You Can Qualify for Part 2: Funds for Closing

Do I really have to provide all pages of my bank statements?

       Using crypto currency for down payment

Getting Preapproved for a Mortgage

Are you really preapproved or just prequalifed?  Part 1

Are you really preapproved or just prequalifed Part 2

What is the difference between a Preapproval Letter and a Loan Commitment Letter?

What are Debt to Income Ratios? (aka DTI)

How do Student Loans impact getting approved for a mortgage?

What Determines How Much You Can Qualify for Part 1: Your Proposed Mortgage Payment

Waiving your financing contingency?  PLEASE discuss with your Mortgage Professional BEFORE submitting an offer!

Buying Your First Home

Steps in the Mortgage Process

The ABC’s of Buying Your First Home

Getting on track to buy your first home

How much cash do I need to buy a home (in addition to closing cost and down payment)?

Different types of property

Buying a condo or a townhome?

Make sure your condo is on HUD’s approved list 

Mortgage Programs (click here)

Locking your interest rate and questions about your mortgage payment

Mortgage Interest Rate Locks 101

The 10 Factors for Pricing a Mortgage Rate

Using Rebate Pricing to Reduce your Closing Cost

Extensions: When time is up on your lock

Can I pay my own taxes and insurance?

A compromise to waiving your taxes and insurance from your mortgage payment

During the Mortgage Process

Steps in the Mortgage Process

How often will I have to supply documentation during the mortgage process?

Explaining the Letter of Explanation


When can appraisals be ordered?

Avoid delays with appraisals

When an appraisal comes in low

What is an escrow holdback?

Preparing for closing

What is escrow?

Before you go to your signing appointment


Steps in the mortgage process when refinancing a home

Why is my payoff higher than my balance?

Refinancing when you have a second mortgage or a HELOC

The wild card of refinancing

       Refinancing to cash-out an ex-spouse