My computer problems are haunting.


I’ve had spooky computer problems this past week.  My lap top has expired, may it rest in peace (or pieces by the time I done with it).   My new computer should be arriving by Halloween.   If you have sent me an email  and I have not responded, it very well be due this issue. Please call me or use instead.   We also decided to replace our antique desk top at home and have made the switch to a Mac (my laptop is not since I need Windows XP Pro for work).     Currently I’m using a "loaner" lap top from my gracious employer.   

I’ll be glad when the transition to the new computers are complete!  This entire process is making me feel like a witch!

By the way, if you’re on my Mortgage Market Guide Weekly email list…you can obtain a copy of the newsletter here.  My email database is down and out until I have my new lap top up and running.


  1. One thing to consider…. It’s tough to come by a new laptop with XP, since Vista is out. The ones that are being sold with XP are, for the most part, the ones that don’t have the power needed for Vista.

    And are you sure your LOB program doesn’t run under Vista? Try right-clicking and choosing Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2). That fixes a number of programs by making them think they’re on an XP machine.

    If not, you might also try this: Get a laptop with Vista Business, download Virtual PC for free, and you/your office tech person can set up Windows XP within Virtual PC as a stopgap until your software runs under Vista.

    I have a couple programs that are just hopeless under Vista — so when I need them, I go to the Start menu and click “Windows XP” and XP starts up. The marvels of Virtual PC….

  2. Thanks, Mike. My Dell with XP Pro should be arriving today. I’ve never heard of Virtual PC…I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Rhonda,

    Bummer about your laptop. Be aware that you will encounter numerous compatability and higher costs with a Mac. My wife is a network engineer/science teacher/educator who has historically used Macs extensively. My wife recentley finished her Ph.D in Educational Technology and did her disertation on Mac/PC in the Educational arena and found even schools are moving away from Macs in record numbers mainly because of networking, higher costs, longer repair waits, limited software and an OS that is not the market standard.

    The one area Macs are much better is in the virus category. PC’s running under a Microsoft OS have thousands of virus’ wereas the number of Mac virus’ are substantially less. There are several MAC users who will tell you there are no Mac virus’, however my wife and most any bonafide network engineer can document they do. Yet, on the good side, the MAC virus’ today tend not to be as vicious. However, with the newer UNIX based MAC OS system, hackers/virus writers can more readily develop them. One good thing though, with MAC only having 3.8% market share, the virus developers will most likely continue concentrating on writing virus’ where they can inflict the most damage…PC’s with a Microsoft OS.

    Believe me I’m not a big Microsoft fan or a Mac hater. I’m simply a person who wants the greatest utility with the lowest cost. I don’t give a darn about Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

    I only say that because I have found Mac users are religously fervant and highly emotional about their Macs and just as emotional about their hate for anything Microsoft to the point of being irrational. I’ll probably get flamed by the Mac Taliban for saying anything negative about Macs.

    My wife loves using LINUX as an OS system…says it is superior to Windows and OS X (Mac). There are however major software limitations with it though.

    Bottom line, the MAC is NOT a bad machine, just be aware of the issues noted above. Over the last 15 years, our family has had both in our household.

    My kids and wife do like the IPods better than the other MP3 players though.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Tony,
    We have a bright and shiny Mac at home and hopefully my Dell laptop will be here today…I missed the delivery yesterday by 10 aggravating minutes! The Mac is fun and is mostly for family use…my laptop is just for work. It’s challenging to bounce between the two systems!

    Your info is great and I’ll share that with my husband.

    All my best,

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