Down Payment Assistance Programs and Grants

2013-03-07_0746Washington State home buyers have several various down payment assistance programs available, and they’re not just limited to first time home buyers.  These funds can go towards closing cost and the down payment of primary residence.

Washington State Housing Finance Commission Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA).  These programs are available in conjunction with a WSHFC first mortgage program like Home Advantage or House Key Opportunity (the state bond program). In order to be eligible for one of the following down payment assistance programs, borrowers must attend a WSHFC sponsored home buyers education class. Unlike a grant, DPAs are required to be paid back. Most often, the repayment takes place when the home is no longer occupied by the borrower (property is sold or becomes a rental) or if the first mortgage is refinanced.

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission is constantly adding and revising what is being offered for down payment assistance. Please click this link to be taken directly to their site to see what down payment assistance may be available and/or I’m happy to review your options with you. There are various programs that are available statewide and some that are for specific areas.

If you’re considering buying a home located anywhere in Washington state, please contact me.

Last updated: April 8, 2022

NOTE: As of the last update, we are not offering programs with grants (down payment assistance that is typically not repaid); we do have the WSHFC programs referred to above.