Online Networking and Facebook

I signed up for Facebook after reading Dustin Luther’s post at Rain City Guide.    I must admit, it feels odd to me (and I’m not sure why) to have "profiles" every where on the internet.   I guess I’m more use to people knowing how to find me via visiting my website…blogging, is much more social than a static website.

I created a MySpace page quite a while ago…I’d share the link with you but I hardly ever use it anymore!   My original motives for setting up was to learn more about it and try to see why our kids were so ga-ga over it.   

I’ve only had this account for a few days (not as long as Dustin with 6 months) so I have not figured all the ins and outs yet.Facebook, at least for me, is more professional (than my myspace page).   If you have a profile, stop by and say "hello"!  I’m always happy to add a friend.   


  1. I got sucked into Facebook just a week or so ago…. I used to have a MySpace account but grew weary of getting invites from 13 year olds. Facebook does indeed seem more “professional”, though I still think I may the oldest Facebooker on the network…

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