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I received a nice email this morning from someone who appreciates the Mortgage Market Guide Newsletter.  I must admit, I don’t write the content for the MMG Weekly; it’s created by the professionals at Mortgage Market Guide.   I have noticed some local blogs where lenders are re-posting this information as their own; the MMG professionals deserve full credit for what they do on a weekly basis.

I subscribe to this as a tool for my clients, professional and consumer, to learn more about what’s going on in the mortgage industry and what their weekly predictions are on what rates may do and why they may move in a certain direction.   If you would like to be added to my email list so you receive this automatically, just drop me a line.   Or you can simply click on the green box on the left side of this blog to obtain the latest MMG Weekly report.

I also subscribe to Mortgage Market Guider’s bond watch which provides me with updates every hour via a text message on my phone.  In addition, I receive alerts if I should lock or float loans (I prefer locking).   Mortgage Market Guide is just one of the many tools that I invest in to help me stay on top of my profession.Dec_01_2007_vid00011_1_3

I do write my own monthly email newsletter as well (opt in).  I’m hoping to be able to pull it off this month…however with the holidays and trying to get my calendars and Christmas cards out to everyone; it may prove a bit challenging!   In fact today, we’re planning on putting up our tree (I can’t wait).   We bought it last night in the snow after a snow ball fight.

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