Help for Washington Homeowners in Distress

If you own a home in Washington State and need help with your mortgage, you may want to visit or call  1-877-894-HOME to speak to a housing counselor.

You may be able to avoid foreclosure if you take action before it’s too late and utilize the resources being offered by Washington state.

As a mortgage originator, I do not do loan modifications. I am able to help Washington home owners with refinance programs such as HARP (Home Affordable Refi Program) or FHA/VA/USDA streamline refinances for qualified borrowers. However, when a home owner cannot qualify for a new refinance and they are facing financial difficulties, it can be overwhelming.

This website is a valuable resource for homeowners in need of help and includes a checklist for things you need to know before you contact your lender and how to avoid scams.

If you are considering a loan modification or possible foreclosure, please check out or call 1-877-894-HOME today.