Mortgage Rates Lumbering Low

Freddie Mac’s PMMS shows mortgage rates remaining at low levels.

From Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist, Sam Khater:
“While the economy continues to grow, it has lost momentum over the last two months due to the current wave of new COVID cases that has led to weaker employment, lower spending and declining consumer confidence. Consequently, mortgage rates dropped early this summer and have stayed steady despite increases in inflation caused by supply and demand imbalances…”

The rates posted above are an average from last week and, as you know if you’re a long time reader of The Mortgage Porter, mortgage rates change constantly as they are based on bonds. The PMMS report shows you where mortgage rates have been and is a good indicator for past trends. It does not necessarily show you where mortgage rates are now.

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What to do if your bank closes your line of credit

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Mortgage rates move lower

Mortgage rates have moved lower as reflected in Freddie Mac’s Prime Market Survey released this morning.
From Freddie Mac: “Mortgage rates decreased this week following the dip in U.S. Treasury yields. While mortgage rates tend to follow Treasury yields closely, other factors can be impactful such as the labor markets, which are continuing to improve per last week’s jobs report,” said Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist. “We expect economic growth to gradually drive interest rates higher, but homebuyers and refinance borrowers still have an opportunity to take advantage of 30-year rates that are expected to continue to hover around three percent.”

It’s important to remember that the survey is based on an average from applications last week – so the rates posted here are a basically a week old. The The survey is most useful for showing how rates are trending as it shows where rates have been vs. where they are now.

For a more “fresh perspective” on current mortgage rates, I like to rely on watching the trends with mortgage backed securities (bonds) which mortgage rates are based on. Basically, the higher the green stick moves, the lower mortgage rates “should” be.

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Fed Leaves Rates the Same BUT…

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Mortgage Rates Move Lower

Freddie Mac released the Prime Mortgage Market Survey this morning showing mortgage interest rates have been trending lower.

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The Mortgage Junk Mail Bag

It’s been a while since I’ve written about mortgage junk mail. Today I have been presented the opportunity as a client I helped with their mortgage a few years ago reached out to me regarding some mail they recently received that appeared to have possibly come from our company, Mortgage Master.

The P.O. J. (piece of junk) appears to know a lot of information about the home owner – this is because your mortgage and original loan amount are public record.  This type of marketing also tends to offer lower than available interest rates and things like “no payments for two months”…perhaps it features an offer code or a limited time offer. [Read more…]