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Fact is, most of my clients, I never meet face to face.   Odd isn’t it?  I’m caring for   one of their largest financial transactions and it’s all handled via email or phone calls.  I could be standing in line at the grocery store next to someone who I don’t know (or recognize) yet I’ve seen all their financial information…credit scores, bank accounts, retirement portfolio, collections, etc.  if I facilitated their mortgage.

I think when people find me from the internet, they want to make sure that I am "for real" and not some cheesy photo on a web site.    When clients are referred to me from their friends and family, they trust that their friend or family member had a successful experience working with me and they seem to not have the need to see me.   Let’s face it, we are all very busy people and coordinating two or three schedules to coincide can be a small miracle.

The other day, I met a very nice couple during their lunch hours.   It was a refreshing reminder to me of why I should meet with clients face to face.  Not just so they can see me, I enjoyed getting to know them better on a more personal level.    However, sometimes when we have days ticking away on a newly composed purchase and sale agreement and the luxury of time is nil, we may not have the option of trying to schedule a "sit-down" consultation.   Finding the time to complete a loan application, review your good faith estimate or a credit report while sitting across from each other may seem challenging. 

A few months ago, I added a new feature to my mortgage practice that allows me to show my clients what I’m viewing on my computer right on their computer(s).   If a couple are in different locations and cannot travel to the same spot at the same time, we can arrange a virtual meeting to review all of the important documentation and planning that is required in the mortgage process.   It’s very convenient for todays busy schedules.   Imagine this, you’re sitting at your computer at work, home or where ever and your spouse is on their computer:  both of you viewing what I have on my computer.  Together we could be reviewing good faith estimates, credit reports, various reports analyzing possible mortgage structures…you name it!   

The problem is, I’m not using this tool as much as I should be!  So I thought I should put it "out there" to let you know this is available and is a great resource that I want to share with you.   Ask me about it. 


  1. Rhonda,

    What have you been using for vitual meetings? I started doing this using Zoho and have been pretty happy.

  2. Great post! I am gonna share it with my own blog readers at ! Thanks.

  3. I’m using Lender Insight, John.

  4. I think Jason says the same thing in every comment that he writes on other people’s blog. Speaking of virtual meetings, I just left you an offline message on your meebo chat thing a few minutes ago complaining how I never see you online.

  5. Derek, I think you’re right about Jason. He may have said that comment before on other posts…maybe he’s a spambot? LOL.

    I have been really bad about meebo…I should say mee-bad! With the blog tour last week and other things we had going on, I’ve been playing catch up.

    It seems like this week might be more normal (what ever normal is).

    Hey, tonight for dinner I’m bbq-ing beef ribs…maybe I’ll put the recipe on your site! I’ll have to take some photos.

  6. Sounds yummy.

    One day, I am going to get you, Ardell, Lani, April, and Jennifer together and we are going to write a book (using our blog articles) on how to cook, the best way to clean, and how to stay organized and market it to incoming college freshman who are away from home for the very first time.

    As for posting the recipe on my site. When you do, click your name at the top in the header and make sure all the infor. is correct on the author page. I have been coding all day today, so we have some major changes in the works.

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