Would You Like a Mortgage Rate Quote

Would you like me to provide you with a rate quote including a detail of closing costs for your property located in Washington state?  Mortgage rate quotes are FREE and you should not be required to have a credit report pulled at this stage of the mortgage process.

If you would like me to provide you with a quote, simply click here if you want a quote for buying a home, click here for a refi or home equity/second mortgage scenario OR copy, paste and email the following information to me to rhonda (at) mortgageporter (dot) com:

  • is this for a purchase, refinance or second mortgage/home equity line of credit (heloc)?  If it’s a refinance, are you taking any cash out or paying off a second mortgage/home equity line of credit?
  • loan amount
  • estimated home value/sales price
  • will/do you occupy the home or is it a second/vacation or investment property?
  • preferred loan program
  • how you estimate your credit.  NOTE: lenders use the lowest middle score of all borrowers on the transaction.
    • excellent (740 or higher)
    • pretty good to great (720 – 739)
    • very good (700 – 719)
    • good (680 – 699)
    • fair (640 – 679)
    • okay (601 – 339)
    • below 600

Mortgage Programs (mortgageporter.com)

Mortgage rates change constantly, often several times a day. Please remember, I’m licensed to originate mortgages on homes located in Washington.  If your home that requires a mortgage is not located in Washington state, I am happy to help refer you to a mortgage professional.

Thank you!