Home Advantage Mortgage with or without Points

2013-03-07_0746The Washington State Housing Finance Commission has recently offered more pricing options with their Home Advantage first mortgage program.  Originally, all Home Advantage products were priced with 1 point.  One point equals 1 percent of the loan amount and is paid at closing. This closing cost cuts into the down payment assistance that many home buyers are hoping to utilize when they are using the Home Advantage Mortgage program.

Home Advantage now has a “zero points” option which helps to reduce closing cost. Pricing the loan with zero points does mean that the rate is slightly higher, however, the payment difference is probably going to be slight. Often times 1 point only brings the interest rate down by 0.125% to 0.25% in rate.

For example, based on today’s pricing (July 31, 2014 at 12:26 pm), WSHFC is offering the following pricing:

  • 5.000% priced with 1 point (APR 5.341%).
  • 5.250% priced with 0 points (APR 5.505%).

Based on a sales price of $430,000 and a loan amount of $416,762 let’s compare the two pricing options.

  • 5.000% has a principal and interest payment of $2,237.27 with 1 point (which equals $4,167)
  • 5.250% has a principal and interest payment of $2,301.38 with zero points.

The difference in payment between these two scenarios is $64.11. The cost to have a payment $64.11 lower is $4,167.  It would take 65 months to break even on this cost when comparing these two programs (4167 divided by 64.11).

Sometimes the difference in payment can make the difference between qualifying or not qualifying for a mortgage. So please do review your scenario and pricing options with your locally licensed mortgage originator.

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission publishes their mortgage rates every day for home buyers.

In order to qualify for one of the WSHFC mortgage programs, home buyers need to attend a WSHFC sponsored class.  Here’s a current list of classes that I am teaching.

If you are interested in down payment assistance, or buying a home located anywhere in Washington state, I’m happy to help you! Click here if you would like me to provide you with a mortgage rate quote.

What May Impact Mortgage Rates this Week: July 28, 2014

MortgagePorter-JobsReportThis week is packed full of economic indicators that may influence mortgage interest rates, including the Fed meeting on Wednesday and Jobs Report on Friday. The Jobs Report carries a lot of weight with mortgage rates as it may indicate inflation. As the economy and employment improves, we may see signs of wage inflation. Inflation is the arch enemy of bonds, like mortgage backed securities – which mortgage rates are based on. World tensions may also impact mortgage rates as investors may seek the safety found in bonds.

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Seattle Real Estate Chat [Video] on Preapproval and Commitment Letters

In this episode, Jim Reppond and I discuss Commitment Letters.  A commitment letter is kind of like a preapproval letter on steroids. And in this hot sellers market that the greater Seattle area is currently experiencing – many buyers can use a little extra help to stand out from a similar competing offer.  A Loan Commitment Letter may be the extra boost that could help some home buyers.

Check out our last episode!

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Steps in the Mortgage Process

iStock_000003709509SmallThe process of getting a mortgage consists of several stages and typically takes anywhere from 20 – 40 days (or more) depending on how prepared you are, what mortgage program you have selected and if it’s a purchase, the closing date may dictate how long the process will take. The steps below may not take place in the exact order I have listed and some steps may happen simultaneously.

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What May Impact Mortgage Rates this Week: July 21, 2014

mortgageporter-economyMortgage rates are not only impacted by the direction of bonds (mortgage backed securities); global tensions may also influence mortgage interest rates. We saw this last week with the heart breaking and horrific downing of the Malaysian flight and increased global tensions. Rates slightly improved as investors opted for the safety found in bonds.

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Going on vacation during the mortgage process

20140628_111831‘Tis the season for going on a vacation.  But what if you are buying a home or in the middle of refinancing your mortgage? Ideally, if you’re buying or refinancing a home, you won’t have any travel plans until after the transaction has closed…however, we know things aren’t always “ideal”… and vacation or business travel plans are sometimes a must.

Here are some pointers I hope you find useful should you find that you’re traveling while in the mortgage process.

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Freddie Mac loosening up on Large Deposits

mortgageporterraiseDocumenting large deposits on bank statements has been a royal pain in the behind for many borrowers going through the mortgage process.  I am very pleased to share with you that Freddie Mac has updated guidelines that lenders, including Mortgage Master, are embracing.

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What May Impact Mortgage Rates this Week: July 14, 2014

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