How to Buy a Home with your Roommate

Fannie Mae’s HomeReady mortgage allows a home buyer to qualify using “boarder income”.  What does this mean? Remember our favorite roommates Laverne and Shirley?

Let’s say Laverne and Shirley both have their long time jobs at the beer factory and Laverne is pulling in extra money as a waitress but her credit scores are less than ideal for a mortgage right now. Shirley decides she would really like to buy a house and they both want to continue living together.

With the HomeReady program, Shirley can buy a house and use the “boarder income” from Laverne as income for qualifying. Here’s the scoop:

  • Boarder (Laverne) must have lived with the borrower (Shirley) and paid rent directly to the borrower for the last 12 months. NOTE: the rent cannot be in cash – it needs to be a check that can be documented.
  • Up to 30% of the rental income from the boarder may be used for qualifying
  • Borrower must provide documentation of the rental income paid by the boarder for at least 9 of the last 12 months. Rental income will be averaged over the last 12 months.
  • Boarder will need to show documentation that they lived with the borrower (photo id, utility bills, etc.).
  • The boarder may not be related to the borrower.
  • The boarder’s rent checks may not have been written to a third party.

So if Laverne writes Shirley a check for her portion of the rent over the last 12 months, a lender would look at the last 12 months checks from Lavern and average it over 12 months. So if Laverne only has ten cancelled rent checks, a lender would still average this over 12 months (12 months checks is probably going to be the most ideal).  A lender will then take 30% of that average and can use that for income for Shirley to qualify for buying a home.

Laverne, of course, has to live in the new home with Shirley and continue to be a roommate. Laverne would not be obligated to the mortgage nor the title/deed of the property.

HomeReady offers reduced down payment, lower mortgage rates and private mortgage insurance premiums for borrowers with better credit scores and offers flexible underwriting guidelines, such as allowing boarder income. HomeReady is not limited to first time home buyers. Income limits do apply in some areas.

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How to reduce documentation for a refinance

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Mortgage Rates poised to move higher with Jobs Data

Recruitment or Employment Issues Chalk Drawing

Mortgage rates have been bouncing at historic lows following Brexit. Rates could bump higher following the Jobs Report which is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning.

Today’s ADP Report came in with stronger than expected employment data and last month’s Jobs Report came in worse than expected.

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Mortgage interest rates near all time record lows

Yesterday Freddie Mac released their Prime Mortgage Market Survey revealing that mortgage interest rates are near all time record lows with the 30 year fixed rate mortgage averaging 3.48 with 0.5 points for the week ending June 30, 2016.

2016 06 30 freddie mac pmms

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Fannie Mae increases income limits for HomeReady

iStock_000009450603SmallFannie Mae will be increasing the income limits for HomeReady effective July 16, 2016 making it easier for more people to qualify for this mortgage program. [Read more…]

Mortgage rates dropping following the Brexit

Mortgage_Porter_Rates_GapInvestors had been banking on the Brits staying in the European Union. This morning’s Brexit narrow vote to leave the EU results stunned the markets. The Dow was down over 500 points. This morning, mortgage rates are dropping.

Want to lock in a historically low mortgage rate? You can start with getting a rate quote or by starting a pre-application. NOTE: I am licensed to originate mortgages for homes located in Washington State.

Mortgage Rates Remain near Three Year Lows

Today Freddie Mac’s PMMS revealed that mortgage rates are still at very low levels.

2016 06 23 freddie mac pmms

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USDA to reduce Guarantee and Annual Fees

2014-09-03_usdaEffective October 1, 2016, the upfront guarantee fee and annual fee (paid monthly) will be reduced with USDA mortgages. This new fee structure will take place until September 30, 2017, the end of the fiscal year for USDA.

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