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I think I've somehow managed to lose my Feedburner feed, where my readers receive what ever articles I write on Mortgage Porter directly to their email.  So I'm looking at using this as an opportunity to revamp what I use for my feed and I could use your help.

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Thanks so much for your help! 

Happy Third Birthday, Mortgage Porter

It's hard to believe that I've began writing on blogs three years ago today.   I honestly didn't expect anyone to read what I had to say about mortgages.  It almost began more as free therapy since I had to get what was bothering me about the industry off my chest.  And thanks to the current mortgage landscape, I still have plenty to write about and there are so many forums with social media.

Three years ago, I  had plugged away on Mortgage Porter until I was invited to be a contributing author at Rain City Guide, where I still post today.  I write for a few other blogs now and then too.  Social media has evolved during this time.  I also enjoy "micro-blogging" in 140 characters or less on Twitter, where I post the rate quotes I'm providing Washington State consumers, various mortgage factoids and personal odds and ends.  Facebook has become a place where I stay connected with family, friends and clients.   My blogging and participation in social media has brought me so many great opportunities including being recognized by peers with the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals 2009 Jim Fitzgerald Distinguished Service Award and being a panelist at RE Blog World in Las Vegas.

And it all started with this blog post…go figure! 

Thank you for reading, commenting and for those of you who have selected me to be your mortgage professional.  I'm honored.

The Magnificent 7 for 2008 are…drum roll please….

I'm still in awe over Larry Cragun's dedication of reading thousands of articles to Nommag72008 share his monthly selection of the seven best articles each month…and then to take those posts for the year and fine tune it down to his top seven favorite consumer focused articles is simply amazing.  Larry has said on his blog that 2008 is his last year for his Magnificent 7.   This makes being recognized as one of the last final seven extra special if not a bittersweet.

Not only am I honored that two of my articles made it to 2008's Magnificent 7, I'm humbled to be included with the others who made it on Larry's list. 

Drum roll…the Magnificent 7 for 2008 are…(click here).

Meet Me and My Fellow Rain City Guide Contributers

Ardell, Jillayne and yours truly will at Crossroads in Bellevue at 6:30 pm on February 4, 2009.   I’m bummed that Dustin can’t make it (maybe he’ll suprise us).  And so far, fellow authors, Craig and Robbie, say they’ll be there too!


It’s a causal meet-up that Ardell is organizing.  We’d love to meet our readers, commenters and fellow contributors.  For more information or to give us a heads up that you’re stopping by, please click here.

By the way, if you visit Rain City Guide’s About RCG page, you’ll see what the four of us are twittering–just like the photo above which was taken at Inman Connect in San Francisco last summer.  Sadly, RCG contributors rarely have the opportunity to pile on a bean bag chair together.


Magnificent Larry Cragun

Larry Cragun has announced that this month marks the end of his Magnificent 7 Nominees.  For three years, Larry has read thousands (tens of thousands?) of articles and has hand picked those he felt were most consumer focused each month; spotlighting them on his blog, Real Estate Undressed.  In January of the following year, he posts “the Super bowl” of consumer posts and whittles down his top selections from the top 7 of each month for the Magnificent 7 for that year.  It’s quite a task and I thank him for it.  Not only have I been lucky enough to have a few of my articles nominated by Larry, I’ve been introduced to many other real estate bloggers who care just as much about shedding light to consumers as I do.

The final set of nominees for the Magnificent 7 are:

  1. Dan Melson with “Getting Rich Quick in Real Estate
  2. ARDELL with “A buyer’s right to do “an additional inspection
  3. Noah Rosenblatt with “Deflation Buyer Strategy: Buy to Renovate
  4. Mark Clawson with “Should I Refinance
  5. James Lapori with “Re-adjusting Priorities: What’s a House For
  6. Luke Mullins with “Sheila Bair: We Need Foreclosure Mitigation Now” 
  7. Rhonda Porter (my article) with “Can I Buy a $620,000 Home with a 620 Credit Score


Happy 2nd Birthday Mortgage Porter!

I'm often asked what caused me to start blogging…well two years ago today I was watching the late night news about a local case of mortgage fraud and the reporter closed the story with wrong information about loan originator licensing.  I just had to get the truth out.  I wasn't sure if anyone would ever read Mortgage Porter.  Two years later, I have over 750 articles written with my clients in mind and I hope to continue writing for you.

To celebrate my 2nd blog birthday of Mortgage Porter, I have a special treat for my readers and commenter's.  Now when you leave a comment, you have the option of creating a free typepad profile which will appear when you leave a comment.  Your profile may also include a photo.  Of course, you can still comment anonymously, if you prefer.  Comments will also be in a thread format instead of a "line" format, which may promote conversation with each other.  You can also be notified of future comments.   This is a new feature that I'm literally installing as I type…so hopefully it won't throw a fit like a typical 2 year old!

Again, many many thanks for reading Mortgage Porter.

Real Estate Undressed featuring September’s Magnificent 7


Larry Cragun has recently posted his picks for the top 7 consumer focused articles posted during September.  I’m honored that he’s included one I authored, Borrower Beware, along with these fine posts:

You Mortgage Fraud Was Over Think Again by Tucson Real Estate Blog

Losing A Home As A Short Sale is No Better than Foreclosure by FHA Mortgage Center

Top Ten Things Not To Do During a Home Inspection by Debra Sinick

Home Buyer Tips for Buying a New Home from Home Builder by Sacramento Real Estate Voice

When Will the Real Estate Market Return to Normal? by Luxury Home Digest

What to Expect at your Inspections by The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Happy readings!

June’s Magnificent 7 Consumer Articles

Nommag72008_2Larry Cragun is at it again…reading thousands of posts and determining which one’s cut the mustard to be nominated for his monthly Magnificent 7.   At the end of the year, he has the gynormous task of reviewing his monthly nominees from 2008 and narrowing all 84 post down to the Magnificent 7 of 2008.   I’m thankful he does this because, as much reading as I do, Larry always seems to find important consumer focused articles that I’ve missed.

It’s always an honor to be considered one of the Magnificent 7 and for June Have You Co-Signed For a Mortgage? was recognized.

Do check out my fellow nominees by visiting Real Estate Undressed…and please thank Larry for his dedication.