Happy 2nd Birthday Mortgage Porter!

I'm often asked what caused me to start blogging…well two years ago today I was watching the late night news about a local case of mortgage fraud and the reporter closed the story with wrong information about loan originator licensing.  I just had to get the truth out.  I wasn't sure if anyone would ever read Mortgage Porter.  Two years later, I have over 750 articles written with my clients in mind and I hope to continue writing for you.

To celebrate my 2nd blog birthday of Mortgage Porter, I have a special treat for my readers and commenter's.  Now when you leave a comment, you have the option of creating a free typepad profile which will appear when you leave a comment.  Your profile may also include a photo.  Of course, you can still comment anonymously, if you prefer.  Comments will also be in a thread format instead of a "line" format, which may promote conversation with each other.  You can also be notified of future comments.   This is a new feature that I'm literally installing as I type…so hopefully it won't throw a fit like a typical 2 year old!

Again, many many thanks for reading Mortgage Porter.


  1. Rhonda-
    Congrats on the big anniversary. It is amazing how quickly “bloggiversaries” can add up once you get past the first one. I’m thankful for your voice and your educational advice and wish your blog a long life.

  2. Thanks, Geordie! I remember when I used to count the months I blogged–it was exciting when a new month was added to the archives.

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