Magnificent Larry Cragun

Larry Cragun has announced that this month marks the end of his Magnificent 7 Nominees.  For three years, Larry has read thousands (tens of thousands?) of articles and has hand picked those he felt were most consumer focused each month; spotlighting them on his blog, Real Estate Undressed.  In January of the following year, he posts “the Super bowl” of consumer posts and whittles down his top selections from the top 7 of each month for the Magnificent 7 for that year.  It’s quite a task and I thank him for it.  Not only have I been lucky enough to have a few of my articles nominated by Larry, I’ve been introduced to many other real estate bloggers who care just as much about shedding light to consumers as I do.

The final set of nominees for the Magnificent 7 are:

  1. Dan Melson with “Getting Rich Quick in Real Estate
  2. ARDELL with “A buyer’s right to do “an additional inspection
  3. Noah Rosenblatt with “Deflation Buyer Strategy: Buy to Renovate
  4. Mark Clawson with “Should I Refinance
  5. James Lapori with “Re-adjusting Priorities: What’s a House For
  6. Luke Mullins with “Sheila Bair: We Need Foreclosure Mitigation Now” 
  7. Rhonda Porter (my article) with “Can I Buy a $620,000 Home with a 620 Credit Score


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