“Going Above and Beyond” is Doing Our Jobs

2011-05-20_09-46-37_561 I received a really nice thank you card from Shannon Ressler at Findwell Realty last week that I want to share with you. We recently helped Shannon's clients buy a vintage bungalow that was a short sell in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle using an FHA insured mortgage. Being a short sell and an FHA insured loan, there was no shortage of paper work and the transaction was coming "down to the wire".  

Closing was set to take place on Friday…and early Thursday morning, I received a message from one of our buyers saying he was flying out at noon for a family event…he'd be back on Monday. Luckily Mike was able to reschedule his flight until four, however, we were still in a crunch to get docs out.  NOTE:  I normally like to have loan docs out several days before signing…but sometimes transactions (especially short sales) don't happen that way.

Extentending contracts with short sales can be a chore since in addition to dealing with a buyer and a seller, you also have the seller's lender.  Adding to this, I had renegotiated our clients interest rate lock lower and the lender I had the rate locked with charges a higher extension fee once a rate lock has been renegotiated.  We really needed to close on time.

We were able to rush loan docs out to the escrow company.  As a correspondent lender, we prepare our loan docs at our main office in Kent and we make our own underwriting decisions (following guidelines, of course)…escrow was gracious receiving loan docs last minute AND THEN, their system crashes.  I have to say, I've never had this happen!  Mike's flight out was rapidly approaching.  We were running out of time and escrow's computers were not cooperating.

Marilyn Porter, President of Mortgage Master Service Corporation (and my sister-in-law) had an additional set of their loan docs printed and we arranged to meet our buyers at Sharps Roasters by SeaTac Airport.  While we were heading to Sharps, Mike and Mary obtained their cashiers checks for the estimated amount due for closing. Marilyn even had a couple orders of sliders and fries waiting for everyone…figuring with all the rushing around, they'd probably be hungry.

By the time we were done with the signing, escrow's system was back up and they emailed their docs (escrow instructions, estimated HUD-1 Settlement Statement) to our clients to sign and return. I created a video review of their estimated HUD since escrow was not able to review it with them.  

Our job wasn't over. Escrow needed the buyer's cashiers checks before 4:00 that day in order to have them in time for funding tomorrow. We wound up having the wire instructions emailed to our phones and we deposited the buyers checks directly into escrow's accounts.  

And, I'm happy to say that we DID fund and close on time. 

I am so proud of the crew I work with at Mortgage Master Service Corporation. 

Thank YOU Shannon, for your recommendation and thoughtful card!  Shannon was an asset throughout this transaction, it was a great team effort from all.

Meet Me and My Fellow Rain City Guide Contributers

Ardell, Jillayne and yours truly will at Crossroads in Bellevue at 6:30 pm on February 4, 2009.   I’m bummed that Dustin can’t make it (maybe he’ll suprise us).  And so far, fellow authors, Craig and Robbie, say they’ll be there too!


It’s a causal meet-up that Ardell is organizing.  We’d love to meet our readers, commenters and fellow contributors.  For more information or to give us a heads up that you’re stopping by, please click here.

By the way, if you visit Rain City Guide’s About RCG page, you’ll see what the four of us are twittering–just like the photo above which was taken at Inman Connect in San Francisco last summer.  Sadly, RCG contributors rarely have the opportunity to pile on a bean bag chair together.


Do You Enjoy Cooking? Check out Culinary Communion

Last weekend I went back to school–to learn how to make pizza.  I specifically had PB160030 major issues with making pizza dough that didn't turn into a leathery brick.  Mixing amazing toppings together and baking them in a real brick oven in the front yard was quite the foodie experience.  The best part was sharing all our creations as they were completed!

I'm making home made pizza tonight and the dough is looking very promising!   Culinary Communion is located on Beacon Hill in Seattle. 

They have many classes to chose from–I've done the Wines of the World series PB160040 last   year.  My next course is how to make pasta (my sister will be joining me)! 

Culinary Communion is available for private events as well.  I highly encourage you to check out this fun local experience.

More photos from my Culinary Communion class: click here.

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On the 6th Day of Lights Out…

Late this afternoon, we were finally graced with our electricity!  As cliche as this sounds, it is true, you never know how wonderful something is until it’s gone.   I must say that there were benefits to not having power.  Something I really enjoyed, that we usually do not do, since I also love to cook, was eating out at restaurants.   I am so amazed at what outstanding establishments we have in our neighborhood of West Seattle.   I just want to send a little kudos to the following restaurants we had the pleasure of dining at these past 6 days and nights.   

Angelina’s Trattoria at 2311 California Avenue SW, Seattle.  We enjoyed a hot breakfast out of our cold house.  My favorite is the Alki Scramble which includes smoked salmon and caramelized onions.  Angelina’s is a favorite breakfast spot for our family.  They do have great lunch and dinners, too.

The Blackbird Bistro at 2329 California Avenue SW, Seattle.  Probably one of the best Reuben Sandwiches I’ve ever had.  My step son loved the mac and cheese!

The Mission  at 2325 California Avenue SW, Seattle.  Tasty Latin food.  We only had the Nachos…I’m sure we’ll be back for more.  Great atmosphere.

Cactus Restaurants at 2820 Alki Avenue SW, Seattle.   Excellent service and the food was great too.  My husband had beef tacos that were so fresh and I had the Chicken Fried Chicken with Chorizo Gravy (I’ll be doing extra sit ups for that dinner).

I guess with the power out and cooking being inconvenient, I really appreciate how fine our meals were at these establishments.   How lucky are we to have such high quality restaurants in such a small neighborhood…these are just a few we happened to visit from lack of power.