The Magnificent 7 for 2008 are…drum roll please….

I'm still in awe over Larry Cragun's dedication of reading thousands of articles to Nommag72008 share his monthly selection of the seven best articles each month…and then to take those posts for the year and fine tune it down to his top seven favorite consumer focused articles is simply amazing.  Larry has said on his blog that 2008 is his last year for his Magnificent 7.   This makes being recognized as one of the last final seven extra special if not a bittersweet.

Not only am I honored that two of my articles made it to 2008's Magnificent 7, I'm humbled to be included with the others who made it on Larry's list. 

Drum roll…the Magnificent 7 for 2008 are…(click here).


  1. What a woman of great content you are.

  2. What a compliment–THANK YOU!!!

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