KOMO-TV’s Blogger Meet up

On Thursday evening, KOMO TV invited who they considered to be the "who’s who" of Seattle area bloggers to a "meet up".   Parking was validated, they had great snacks and beverages.   Why on earth would they do this?   According to the Evite:

"KOMO-TV is interested in getting to know bloggers in the area, and what better way to do that than with a little party….Fisher Communications recognizes the significance of the personal media revolution, and they want to listen and pay attention to what you’re saying. I think this is a good way to start."

Many of the real estate bloggers are in San Francisco at the Inman Bloggers Connect…so they missed out on this local function.  Fellow real estate bloggers that were in attendance:  The Tim from the Seattle Bubble, Alex Garcia in Seattle and Deborah Burns, fellow contributor to Rain City Guide.  Img_5528

Ron Holden of Cornichon, one of the top food blogs on the internet, doing a report on wine from the anchor booth with me.

The mysterious West Seattle Blog was not there…darn it!   But they did send a fellow blogger from West Seattle to say "hello".   

It was a very interesting evening to say the least.   


I had the chance to chat with Terry Heaton for a little bit who has been organizing bloggers with news media in other parts of the country.    Chris Pirillo also seemed very involved in orchrastrating this event…I didn’t get a chance to talk with him unfortunately.   As you can see, there were a lot of local bloggers there! 


  1. Hey Rhonda, Thanks for the update on that. I was sorry to miss it.

    Why do you REALLY think they invited everyone?

  2. Marlow, great question. I spent some time chatting with the organizers and they are very interested with how bloggers are impacting the news. Consumers are more likely to read or seek out a blog to obtain information than to turn on the evening news. I believe they are trying to see how they can get into the bloggosphere.

    I was asked if I advertise or would allow KOMO to advertise on my site. I’m not for ads on my blogs.

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