Sunday Drive: Skillet’s Gourmet Streetfood

Hopefully you won't have to drive too far to find Skillet Streetfood…in fact this mobile delight travels throughout the week to several Seattle neighborhoods, including West Seattle, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, SODO, Bothell and Redmond.   

Last weekend, I decided I could wait no longer…I had to check out the infamous Skilletfeaturing gourmet bites created in an airstream trailer. 


My nose found Skillet before my eyes did at the West Seattle location just a block or so away from the Farmers Market.


I had the Steak Sandwich with a Melon Mint Fresca.  It's not cheap eats–it is "gourmet" and very delicious.  The fries are perfection.


You can read more of my review and others on Yelp by clicking here.  

Lending Integrity Seal of Approval


I recently received permission from NAMB to post the Lending Integrity Seal of Approval which you may have noticed on the left side of my blog.   This logo isn’t something that just anyone can post or promote, it must be approved by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.

In order to display the Lending Integrity Seal of Approval, a broker or loan originator must:

George Hanzimanolis, President of NAMB feels this seal will "soon become to the mortgage industry what the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is to the makers of consumer products."   George, by the way, is a heck of nice guy.  My husband and I had the opportunity to meet and have have dinner with him last week when he was in town with my brother-in-law, John Porter.

For more information, click here.

It’s nice to be appreciated and to be Queen!

Dsc_0046Bobbi and Michael are long time clients of mine.  I’ve helped them and their family members with refinance and purchase transactions over the years.  A couple months ago they wanted to buy a new home contingent and they were not able to sell at this time…they may try again later.   I was pleasantly surprised that they sent me a customized (yep, they designed the gift card to look like me!) Starbucks gift card.   Their handwritten note reads:

Rhonda –

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gfe’s [good faith estimates] and emails as we tried to sell our house!  I wanted you to know that we appreciate all the time and what you do for us!

Mike and Bobbi

Inside the customized card:

Thank you for all your help – you go above and beyond – climbing any mountain necessary!  You are truly the Queen of the Mortgage Industry!

Pretty sweet, huh!   I am really fortunate to work with such nice people who value my efforts and advice.   Mortgage Professionals are not always paid for the hours they’ve put into a transaction and that’s part of the territory.   Recent legislation passed by the State of Washington will allow Loan Originators to charge a consulting fee.   I always appreciate kind thoughts and words from clients…you can’t put a dollar value on that.

Sellsius Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers

Top122007_2I am so honored to be included on the list (and future calendar…I think they’re teasing) of Sellsius Top 12 Women Bloggers for 2007.   

When I started, I wasn’t sure anyone would read my blogs let alone that I would receive any recognition.   I am absolutely amazed and honored to be associated with this group of ladies.

It was wonderful to get to know Rudy and Joe from Sellsius during Blog Tour USA.  Having this nod come from them makes it even sweeter! 

I encourage you to check out the Top 12 Women Bloggers and read their featured posts.   

Thanks, Guys!

Rescuing Homebuyers from Lending Tree


I have a couple of clients who did not feel like “winners” having banks compete for them via Lending Tree.  Recently, I helped a family by closing their purchase in 5 days…the lender they obtained from Lending Tree did not perform after having their loan for over 30 days.   Here are a few nice words from my new clients:

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