Sunday Drive: Skillet’s Gourmet Streetfood

Hopefully you won't have to drive too far to find Skillet Streetfood…in fact this mobile delight travels throughout the week to several Seattle neighborhoods, including West Seattle, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Fremont, SODO, Bothell and Redmond.   

Last weekend, I decided I could wait no longer…I had to check out the infamous Skilletfeaturing gourmet bites created in an airstream trailer. 


My nose found Skillet before my eyes did at the West Seattle location just a block or so away from the Farmers Market.


I had the Steak Sandwich with a Melon Mint Fresca.  It's not cheap eats–it is "gourmet" and very delicious.  The fries are perfection.


You can read more of my review and others on Yelp by clicking here.  

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