It’s nice to be appreciated and to be Queen!

Dsc_0046Bobbi and Michael are long time clients of mine.  I’ve helped them and their family members with refinance and purchase transactions over the years.  A couple months ago they wanted to buy a new home contingent and they were not able to sell at this time…they may try again later.   I was pleasantly surprised that they sent me a customized (yep, they designed the gift card to look like me!) Starbucks gift card.   Their handwritten note reads:

Rhonda –

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gfe’s [good faith estimates] and emails as we tried to sell our house!  I wanted you to know that we appreciate all the time and what you do for us!

Mike and Bobbi

Inside the customized card:

Thank you for all your help – you go above and beyond – climbing any mountain necessary!  You are truly the Queen of the Mortgage Industry!

Pretty sweet, huh!   I am really fortunate to work with such nice people who value my efforts and advice.   Mortgage Professionals are not always paid for the hours they’ve put into a transaction and that’s part of the territory.   Recent legislation passed by the State of Washington will allow Loan Originators to charge a consulting fee.   I always appreciate kind thoughts and words from clients…you can’t put a dollar value on that.

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