Rescuing Homebuyers from Lending Tree


I have a couple of clients who did not feel like “winners” having banks compete for them via Lending Tree.  Recently, I helped a family by closing their purchase in 5 days…the lender they obtained from Lending Tree did not perform after having their loan for over 30 days.   Here are a few nice words from my new clients:

“We had been involved with a bad bank we had found on LendingTree, and when the bank had ignored two closing dates, and the sellers were getting nervous, we had to come up with options. In the background, we had started working with Rhonda, and while nobody wants to be the backup-loan, Rhonda examined our entire file and thought it looked all right.

When we decided to fire the other bank, Rhonda absolutely came through for us, pulled together a mortgage and saved our house purchase with a speed that I think surprised everyone involved. And the loan contracts were clean, everything was just excellent.

Rhonda is a stand-up gal, honest, forthcoming, and she really pulled a miracle for us at the 11th hour. Our one big mistake was not going with her in the first place.”

Mr. Holm of Sammamish, WA

Everyone wants the lowest rate.   However chasing a rate instead of determining which Mortgage Professional is most suited to care for your financial needs can lead to disaster.   I’m glad that this client had the guts to contact me for a second opinion when he did and that he was able to pull the trigger and move his mortgage.

I met this family prior to their signing appointment and it was very rewarding.    I also learned that his previous lender from Lending Tree never delivered the first mortgage documents (financing was utilizing two mortgages); only the second mortgage was at escrow.   His loan would have never closed.  Per proclaimed that I was a “superwoman” and “should have a cape” in the middle of the lobby at the escrow office.   I’m thankful everything worked out for his family and their move to the Seattle area.

If I can help you with your home purchase or refinance on property located anywhere in Washington state, please contact me.


  1. Wow!
    Heroic customer service! From Wonderwoman, no less –lol. Way to go!

  2. Thanks, Greg! 🙂

  3. One of the reasons why I think Lending Tree and sites like Bank Rate are so popular is because a lot of real estate agents still feature these site’s products such as mortgage calculators and rates in their resource pages and once prospective homeowners get a look at those tools, they become hooked.

    Good job through.. gotta run and put some more articles out – perhaps one on saving money in college!

  4. True, Derek. Plus, I think the consumer likes the feeling or notion of having Realtors and Loan Officers beg for their business.

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