New American Funding is in Kent!

It’s official! [Read more…]

Mortgage Master Service Corporation on the radio

You may have noticed hearing “Mortgage Master Service Corporation” mentioned on the radio lately. This is because Mortgage Master Service Corporation has recently welcomed Laura Kiel (MLO54744) and family to join our company. Not only do they advertise on the radio, her team also host weekly radio shows. I’m still surprised when I listen to the radio and hear an ad that mentions our company name. [Read more…]

Am I the Worst “Sales Person” in the World?

I'm not a sales person. I never really have been. I will not cold call or push my business cards onto strangers, friends or family. I will not manipulate numbers or show fancy charts to pressure someone into a mortgage "right now". Hearing the word "leads" makes me cringe.

I used to debate Jillayne Schlicke over on old Rain City Guide posts whenever she would insinuate that I, and all mortgage originators, were sales people. I hate to admit, she's technically correct. We are "mortgage originators" and are paid to "originate mortgages". Pretty simple.

I prefer to view myself as someone who helps people make informed decisions about the financing of their home. My job, once someone decides to have me help them with their mortgage, is to guide them through the entire process. My goal is to have my clients have all of their mortgage questions answered BEFORE they're at the signing appointment. I think I feel strongly about this because of my years managing an escrow branch…a borrower should understand the terms of the mortgage before closing.I stay involved with my clients throughout the transaction. They're not pushed off to a coordinator or assistant so that I can focus on getting "more deals". Hopefully, if my clients are pleased with the level of service I provide them, they'll remember me when someone they know is considering buying a home or refinancing.

This is probably why I'm so passionate about blogging. I can help provide information to my readers and I'm fortunate that many of those who are buying or refinancing in Washington select me to be their mortgage originator. My business consists of those who find me from my social media efforts, returning clients and referrals from my clients, real estate professionals and financial advisers.

Yes, I originate mortgages but I won't "sell" you on one. I will provide you with a competitive rate and be dedicated to the successful closing of your transaction.

Gas Buddy may be my new Best Friend!

GasBuddy_001 One of my current favorite aps for my Droid has got to be Gas Buddy.   Gas Buddy allows me to find the cheapest gas by grade in any area.   It confirms that when I'm filling up in my neighborhood of West Seattle, that I'm not paying more than I need to.  Gas Buddy helps me when I'm trying to find a gas station that won't ping my wallet more than it needs to.   

Let's face it, gas is getting very expensive!  Gas Buddy's heat map shows some scorching prices in various Seattle and Bellevue neighborhoods.

Here's some good news, you don't need to have a "smart phone" to use Gas Buddy.  You can also find out who has the best deals by visiting their site online at

We all need to do what we can to save money!  What are some of your favorite tips?

The Mortgage Porter: Comment Policy

Every so often, I start writing a formal comment policy and it seems to wind up on the back burner.  A few years ago, I decided to have comments approved before being published on Mortgage Porter due to some very spammy,  self-promotional comments that mortgage lenders were leaving.  I welcome comments on my blog…but I will not tolerate spam, self-promotional comments or anything vulgar.

I reserve the right to edit comments if needed…typically this would be removing self-promotional.  You do not need to add your url or titles–please use the links provided in your signature line of the comment for that.  I may be adding advertising to this blog in the future and if you're interested in paying me to promote yourself, let me know. 

I reserve the right to delete comments that are pure spam and that add no value to the conversation or that are vulgar. 

In addition, as everything on this blog is my content, I will not tolerate plagiarism.  If you wish to refer to my content or use an excerpt from one of my post, I'm flattered, just do so with a link back and proper credit to me.  This blog and all content (text, photos, videos, etc.) is protected by US Copyright. 

I've been writing Mortgage Porter since late 2006 and it's become a wonderful way for me to connect with readers and to work with new clients who are seeking a mortgage for a home in Washington State.  

Bottom line, I would love for this blog to be a place for discussion and conversation.  If you have questions, please contact me. 

Be nice and we'll all get along.  

Spring Forward Seattle

It can be tough picturing spring with all the rain we seem to be enjoying in Seattle lately.  In spite of the grey days, I do love spotting the signs of spring.   Here are a few photos I captured in my neighborhood.


Drops of rain on a cork screw willow.

Jonquils or Daffodils…I'm not sure?

By now I'm sure you've set your clocks forward one hour…this is also a good time to change the batteries in smoke detectors and to check your emergency safety kits at home (or create one). 

Have a great day!

I’m in Love with my Livescribe Pulse Pen

I love techy gadgets and it's been a while since I've had one that makes my heart pitter-patter.  Over a year ago, I saw a video of a "smart pen"  that peeked my interest.  Just last week, while I was at the Mortgage Girlfriend Mastermind event, I sat next to a mortgage originator who was using her Pulse smart pen to record the audio from the event while she was taking her notes.  

The beauty of this "smart pen" is that when she clicks back on her notes, what ever was being recorded at that time will be replayed.  Our high school kids are drooling over this seeing the potential this can be for college. 

Your notes are uploaded to a desk top application where you can search specific terms and you can even publish a note as a "live scribe"to be viewable on the internet, shared on apps like Facebook and Twitter or via email.

I'm using this pen to take notes while I'm talking to clients (obviously these notes are not published on the livescribe site) or planning social media events.  It helps me to be more organized so I can easily search a clients last name using the desktop application to quickly refer to my notes instead of flipping through a paper note book.  

The notebooks come in spiral bound college ruled and they also have smaller notepads available (I carry one in my purse).

You must see it to believe it.  I found my pen at the Target in Westwood Village (betweenWest Seattle and Burien).

What I’ve Learned About Pugs

I have a 13 year old Pug, Orson.  Last month it seemed his hind legs were bothering Orshim so I took him to the Vet who thought it was most likely old age and arthritis.  He recommended giving him treats with glucosamine to see if that worked.   A couple weeks later, his front legs began to give him trouble as well and he began walking with a sway (almost as if he was a little drunk).  Orson and I went back to the local Vet and this time the prognosis was not good: possible brain tumor.  They referred us to Dr. Sean Saunders of Seattle Veterinary Specialist in Kirkland who specializes in neurology.  An MRI revealed that Orson does not have a brain tumor; he has Hansen's Type II invertebral disk disease–as bad as this sounds, I'm relieved since this is probably can be managed with doggy drugs. 

What's the probable cause (or at least an aggregator)?

  • Stairs.  His compact body is jarred going up and down stairs. 
  • Being walked with a traditional collar.  Orson now sports a nice harness for his walks.
  • Jumping can also cause injury to the disks in their spine.  Orson's not a jumper.

So this weekend, we're cleaning out our home office area.  Orson's "movin' on up" from the basement to a kennel in the office.  No more stairs for this fellow and I'm happy to share my home office with him.