Taking a break


I’m still taking a break from work and blogging…I will be back to work on April 1,  2008.  While I’m away, please contact my sister in law and President of Mortgage Master, Marilyn Porter.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you then!

Pictured here is Thelma.  The cat I inherited when I bought my old house.  She’s a mouser!

Please don’t keep me a secret!


One of my past clients contacted me about refinancing their existing mortgage.   In a nutshell, I advised them to consider not refinancing their mortgage at this time.   They replied something to effect of:

“Not many loan officers would recommend “not refinancing”.   We appreciate your advice and we’ll keep you our little secret.”

I’m thankful they contact me when ever they have a question about their mortgage planning.   Typically my relationship with clients is just beginning once they’ve closed on their new mortgage.    In fact it’s my goal to provide such a high level of service that my clients feel compelled to refer me to their friends, family, co-workers…anyone they know who is considering buying a house, refinancing or in need of a home equity loan.

Although it’s available at my office, I do not take “up calls”.   All of my clients are either referred to me from past clients, professionals (such as real estate agents, financial planners and CPAs) or from reading my blogs.

During these times, with major lenders facing uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to select a Mortgage Professional based on their skill, knowledge, ethics, dedication and available mortgage programs.    Shopping by rate alone will cost people big  in the long run if the lender cannot perform.

I probably don’t ask for business or referrals enough…so since my client reminded me that if I don’t, they WILL keep me a secret…I thought this is the perfect opportunity to remind you that I am here to provide mortgage advice and programs.   I only receive income once a transaction has successfully closed.

Blogging is something I’m passionate about and I’m so pleased for my readers and the kudos Mortgage Porter has received.    I do not sell ad space like you’ll find on other blogs…this is a just labor of love that I hope you find helpful in your quest for information about the murky world of mortgages.

Please don’t keep me a secret.

Need Something To Do Today? Change Your Locks.

Last night, my stepson told me that he heard a story on the news about how a generic key could open locks on homes.   I said “yah, right….” and was pretty surprised when I received my morning feed from Sellsius showing this video:

The locksmith in the video offers some suggestions on how to prevent “lock bumping” such as buying  better locks (some are bump proof) which run over $100 in addition to consider having a security system, good lighting, etc.

When I was looking for this video to create this post, I was shocked to see just how many different “how to pick a lock” videos are on the internet.

Please share this information with your friends and family.    You were looking for something to do on your day off today, right?