Am I the Worst “Sales Person” in the World?

I'm not a sales person. I never really have been. I will not cold call or push my business cards onto strangers, friends or family. I will not manipulate numbers or show fancy charts to pressure someone into a mortgage "right now". Hearing the word "leads" makes me cringe.

I used to debate Jillayne Schlicke over on old Rain City Guide posts whenever she would insinuate that I, and all mortgage originators, were sales people. I hate to admit, she's technically correct. We are "mortgage originators" and are paid to "originate mortgages". Pretty simple.

I prefer to view myself as someone who helps people make informed decisions about the financing of their home. My job, once someone decides to have me help them with their mortgage, is to guide them through the entire process. My goal is to have my clients have all of their mortgage questions answered BEFORE they're at the signing appointment. I think I feel strongly about this because of my years managing an escrow branch…a borrower should understand the terms of the mortgage before closing.I stay involved with my clients throughout the transaction. They're not pushed off to a coordinator or assistant so that I can focus on getting "more deals". Hopefully, if my clients are pleased with the level of service I provide them, they'll remember me when someone they know is considering buying a home or refinancing.

This is probably why I'm so passionate about blogging. I can help provide information to my readers and I'm fortunate that many of those who are buying or refinancing in Washington select me to be their mortgage originator. My business consists of those who find me from my social media efforts, returning clients and referrals from my clients, real estate professionals and financial advisers.

Yes, I originate mortgages but I won't "sell" you on one. I will provide you with a competitive rate and be dedicated to the successful closing of your transaction.

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