Mortgage Loans AFTER the Government Shutdown May Face Delays

iStock_000001750148XSmallMost of our lenders are being flexible about receiving IRS tax transcripts during the government shutdown. However, once the shutdown is over, expect lenders to require IRS tax transcripts to be included on every transaction…and expect possible delays.

Lenders obtain tax transcripts on transactions to make sure the income provided on the application and other supporting documentation matches what is filed with the IRS. This is largely due to the fraud that happened during the mortgage meltdown.

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What May Impact Mortgage Interest Rates this Week: October 7, 2013

mortgageporter-economyAs the government shut down continues, Congress has the debt ceiling the contend with by October 17, 2013, or our country will lose the ability to borrow. It almost seems “subprime” to me that our country has to continue to increase the amount of funds we borrow because our country went out to dinner and two glasses of wine (as President Obama explained it in a speech last week). Mortgage rates continue to be at lower levels. Once the government is back to work and the debt ceiling issue is resolved, in my opinion, we may see mortgage rates pop up.

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