What may impact mortgage rates the week of December 17, 2012

Boris-S-WortMy apologies for not getting this information posted yesterday, as I try to on every “working” Monday. We had weather related issues and I’m glad to say, all is well now.

This week, mortgage rates will be following the drama surrounding our financial “fiscal cliff”. If traders see optimism that we will avoid “going over the cliff”, you may see mortgage rates trend higher.

Here are a few of the economic indicators scheduled to be released this week:

Monday, December 17: Empire State Index

Tuesday, December 18: NAHB’s Home Builder Confidence (this came in at the highest levels since 2006!)

Wednesday, December 19: Building Permits; Housing Starts

Thursday, December 20: Initial Jobless Claims; Gross Domestic Product (GDP); Existing Home Sales; Philadelphia Fed Index

Friday, December 21: Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE); Personal Income; Consumer Sentiment (UofM)

As someone who grew up in Renton, a suburb of Seattle, whenever I hear the phrase “Fiscal Cliff” I have an image an evil villian like, Boris S. Wart. Boris S. Wort was the second meanest man in the world and was a character on the J.P. Patches show that many of us watched growing up.

PS: If I can provide you with a mortgage rate quote for your home located in Renton, near the Seattle dump (JP’s former home) or anywhere in Washington state, please click here.

Thank You, JP

 I learned tonight of the passing of my childhood hero, JP Patches. If you didn’t grow up in the greater Seattle area in the late 70’s, you my not have had the privilege of knowing how wonderful JP Patches is. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of starting our morning off in our Renton home first (having to) watch Zoom until JP Patches came on. I was so excited just to hear the theme song start of the early morning coo-coo clock sounds. JP Patches made my day. I loved his funny skits and that he was always kind and seemed to know what was going on. He provided normalcy while my parents were going through a divorce and trying to work things out with their relationship  He played my favorite cartoons and I would wait on the edge of my seat with ever other kid within KIRO’s viewing area, hoping he would mention my name when he peered at us through the ICU2TV. I remember being absolutely honored in kindergarten when the photographer for our class photo called me Getrude because of my dress that my Mom made me. (I love that dress, by the way).

He is my childhood hero.

When my husband and I were making plans for our wedding. We actually had hired Chris Wedes (JP) to perform our ceremony. He said he had never officiated a wedding before, which we were fine with. We had planned on doing the ceremony with JP at our home.

The home wedding plans wound up being not what wanted to do. When we decided not to have him perform our ceremony, he was gracious and I promised him a bottle a wine. He was so gracious.

Much to my surprise, my husband surprised me on my birthday with…my most favorite clown…the best present ever! I’m wearing a t-shirt that I had bought years ago and proudly wore all the time. Of course, JP autographed it for me.

Not only was I thrilled to have JP as a guest in our home, and my birthday guest were all equally thrilled. He has the ability to make everyone feel like a child again.

I love JP. This year, when I decided to try painting on black velvet, I wanted to have my first painting to be of JP.

J.P. is so loved and will be very missed. I can’t help but feel grateful that he has been a part of my life. Than you, Chris Wedes for J.P. Patches.

Here are some of my photos of JP.

My first painting: JP Patches

Mortgage Master Service Corporation is closed today in observance of Presidents Day and will reopen for business as usual tomorrow. Since it’s a holiday weekend, I thought I’d share something personal with you.

My new hobby that I’ve recently picked back up is painting. With my son off to college, in the evenings and weekends, I’m really enjoying picking up the paint brush.

Here’s my first finished project: JP Patches on black velvet.


For those of you who are not originally from Seattle or who didn’t grow up in my era, JP Patches is a local treasure who many of us would spend our mornings or afternoons with while watching him on TV.

My husband surprised me when he had JP Patches show up at my 40th birthday. I adore this clown.  

I don’t plan on posting all of my art on Mortgage Porter.  I’m starting a new blog for that.  Your regular scheduled programing will return tomorrow.

Happy Presidents Day.

The West Seattle Grand Parade

I must confess, I love parades.   And for me, the West Seattle Grand Parade is at the top of my list.  Not only is it in my home town, it features JP Patches, Seafair Pirates, marching bands, drill teams and Miss West Seattle HiYu with her court.  





This year, my step-daughter, Kelsey, is a candidate for Miss West Seattle HiYu which makes the parade extra special.

Here are more of my photos from yesterday’s West Seattle Grand Parade.

West Seattle Hi-Yu Parade…featuring JP Patches!

I love a parade…especially if it’s in my home-town AND it features my favorite Seattle clown, JP Patches.


The Seafair Clowns are a Seattle treasure, too.


Not to mention great marching bands, drill teams and princesses.  The West Seattle Hi-Yu Parade is something not to be missed.   For more pictures, click here.