My first painting: JP Patches

Mortgage Master Service Corporation is closed today in observance of Presidents Day and will reopen for business as usual tomorrow. Since it’s a holiday weekend, I thought I’d share something personal with you.

My new hobby that I’ve recently picked back up is painting. With my son off to college, in the evenings and weekends, I’m really enjoying picking up the paint brush.

Here’s my first finished project: JP Patches on black velvet.


For those of you who are not originally from Seattle or who didn’t grow up in my era, JP Patches is a local treasure who many of us would spend our mornings or afternoons with while watching him on TV.

My husband surprised me when he had JP Patches show up at my 40th birthday. I adore this clown.  

I don’t plan on posting all of my art on Mortgage Porter.  I’m starting a new blog for that.  Your regular scheduled programing will return tomorrow.

Happy Presidents Day.