Rhonda Porter


  1. Deborah says

    Being in same ouse for over 30 years. Tried to do a HARP, but HSBC would only give me the same interest Rate 5.57% that I current had. So, no HARP. 2011, We were able to do a refinance with another company and had Metlife. House is still Fannie Mae. Metlife sold all mortgage to Chase effective March 1, 2013. Chase told us to do HARP. Then denied us because we refinance 2011 with Metlife. We never changed house, still had Fannie Mae, House is still underwater and we have never missed or been late on any morgage payments.
    What refinance can we do, or government progran can we do. We are being penalized

    • Hi Deborah, HARP mortgages are currently only available on loans that were securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac prior to June 1, 2009. Securitization takes place after the loan has closed. When you refinanced with Met Life in 2011, that caused you to be ineligible for a HARP refinance.

      Since you currently have a Fannie Mae loan and you’re underwater, I’m not sure of another government program that you can do for refinancing at this time.

  2. Collin Falck says

    HI Rhonda, I google “washington state DPA” and came across your name. It says you gave the class on JUly 20th from 11-4.

    Do you know of any plans to do the class again? So that i might be able to take advantage of DPA, if applicable.


  3. Henry Martinez says

    Before my wife and i met we both owned our own house.We still have both houses but we live in mine. Can she still refinance her house to lower her house payment?

    • Henry, she can refinance the home she doesn’t live in. If she’s renting it out, and/or if it’s too close to your current residence to be considered a second/vacation home, then she can refi as an investment property, assuming it meets guidelines. It’s possible, depending on what type of mortgage she currently has, that it could qualify for a HARP refi or FHA streamline refi (both are fine w/an investment home).

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