I’m back from vacation!

Late Thursday night, I returned home from a three week vacation in Italy visiting my son and daughter-in-law, who are currently living in Europe. This is the longest vacation away from my wonderful hubby and work that I have ever done. My fantastic sister-in-law Marilyn joined me on this adventure to celebrate her retirement from Mortgage Master Service Corporation. [Read more…]

Taking a Break!

I’m on vacation and will be back to work on Monday, August 5, 2012.  I haven’t been on a vacation with my son since we went to Disneyland. He was around seven … he turns twenty this year! 


Should you need anything while I’m away, please contact my office at 253-859-5300, or my sister-in-law and President of Mortgage Master Service Corporation, Marilyn Porter, at 206-669-2746.

The Big Day is HERE – Welcome Blog Tour USA!

Just a few quick notes before I dash out the door to meet up with ARDELL and Rudy and Joe from Sellius (aka Blog Tour USA).   I’m going to be away from my phone for most of the day since I’m participating in the tour.   You’re welcome to leave a voicemail or email for me; or you can contact Dina or Marilyn if you need immediate assistance with a transaction or lock.

Here is my schedule for today with Blog Tour USA:

  • 10:00 am Zillow
  • 11:00 am Redfin
  • Possible other Seattle sites
  • 7:00 pm Dinner at Ardells

There are people coming Canada and all over.  This is going to be a great event!  More to follow! 

Blog Tour USA in Seattle

2 Bloggers on 1 RV with faces of bloggers plastered all over the exterior visiting 24 cities..Blog Tour USA will be arriving in Seattle next week on July 25.


Ardell will be touring the guys from Sellsius around town to see our fine city and then she will host a dinner at her home in Kirkland.   I’m really looking forward to meeting Rudy and Joe of Sellsius and other fellow local real estate bloggers.   I’m bringing dessert for the event…sweet!

Another Snowy Day in Seattle

Capri_2 Well…it’s "kind of" a snowy day.   The roads in my neighborhood appear to be pretty dry with patches of ice to keep drivers on their toes.  We are expecting another blast of snow later today, so schools are closed and therefore, I am working from home.  The timing of our snow day works great for me as my 2007 calendars arrived last night.   My husband had to actually pick them up from FedEx Capricoastas they did not make deliveries yesterday (UPS did).   For the past 4-5 years, I use a photo that I have personally shot for the calendars.   The photo I selected for 2007, I must confess, I did not take.  My husband is the photographer!  It is from our Honeymoon in Italy from April earlier this year.  It was actually pretty tough to decide what photo to use for the calendar this time.  The photo that is featured on my 2007 calendar is of the Capri Arch.  Here are some of the "runner up" photos that didn’t make the cut.

Honeymoon_367_1If you’re considering traveling to Italy, I highly recommend www.initaly.com.    They are very accommodating and offer wonderful places to stay, including if you are traveling with children, or are looking for a wine country adventure, etc.   I am happy to recommend places that we stayed during our Honeymoon as well.

Honeymoon_111Would you like my 2007 Calender featuring the Capri Arch?   Simply send me an email, including your address, and I will mail one to you…while supplies last, of course!