How to compete with Cash Buyers? Become a Cash Buyer!

If you tried buying a home over the last few years, you probably lost out to buyers who made cash offers. Sellers tend to prefer cash offers because they can close faster and there are less uncertainties when they are not relying on a mortgage approval from a lender they don’t know. Even in a buyers’ market, a seller will most likely prefer a cash offer over one that is dependent on financing or the sale of another property.

We have a solution! You can also enjoy the convenience of an all-cash buyer with the Buyer Accepted Program. This works for first time home buyers and for clients who want to buy before they sell their existing property.

The process is simple!

  1. Get preapproved..
  2. Your Real Estate Agent will need to become certified with Buyer Accepted (if they’re not already).
  3. Find your home!
  4. Buyer Accepted will place a cash offer on the home.
  5. You buy your home back from Buyer Accepted using the mortgage you’re preapproved for.

This works for first time home buyers and for clients who want to buy a primary residence before they sell their existing property. This is for home buyers with credit scores of 620 or higher and minimum down payments are allowed for conventional and VA financing. (This is currently not allowed with FHA financing). Home buyers will need a minimum 3% earnest money deposit. There is a service fee which can be added to the sales price of the new home when you buy it from Buyer Accepted.

Cash offer purchases often close in just two weeks, so you’re able to move into your new home before you purchase the home back from Buyer Accepted. There will be some rent due, just as if you were moving into your home before closing with any other seller. Buyer Accepted is an affiliate of New American Funding.

Please contact me if you are considering buying or refinancing a home. I’m happy to help you!


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