Arts in the Park in Puyallup

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate at Arts in the Park at the Pioneer Park Pavilion in Puyallup. This was my first time demonstrating and being on the other side of the booth at an art fair. I really had a great time.

For my demo, I brought a sunflower painting I had been working on and I invited kiddos, young and old, to add a seed to the center of the flower.

They could select any color they wanted and (ideally) place a dot in the center of the flower where the seeds are. The children (and parents) were pretty surprised they were able to use “real” paint on an actual painting… and some youngsters let their creative side flair and opted to not stay in the center or do just a dot. (I expected this). It was a fun experiment.

How did I wind up at an art fair? About a month ago, a “FB friend” reached out to me. We had both gone to Hazen High School, however she was a year ahead of me. She noticed that, like her, I enjoy creating art and invited me to meet her to catch up. Long story short, we wound up sharing a booth together at Arts Downtown yesterday and boy, did I learn a lot from her! You can check out Grace’s art here (on her Facebook page). Grace is back at it today challenging fellow artists in Art Battle – good luck, Grace!!

Here’s where we’re at with the sunflower painting after yesterday’s contributors.

I’m thinking of leaving this painting as is just in case I’m invited to “demo” again. It was so much fun to paint with the kids!

PS: Of course my career is a Mortgage Professional, helping people in Washington state with their home purchase, refinance or second mortgage needs. Creating art is a hobby that I enjoy. You can check out more of work on my art blog: or on Facebook.

Last but not least, I’m wishing all you Dads a very happy Father’s Day.

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