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Mortgage Rates Jump on Good News and Inflation

Mortgage rates jumped roughly 0.25% today in rate (or about 1% in discount points) today because of strong economic data and possibly signs of inflation.  Costco announced it will be raising their minimum pay to $16 per hour – which is great news for Costco employees – however, it’s wage inflation (which we will probably see more of). When wages go up, the cost of goods will follow. Inflation drives mortgage rates higher because of the impact to bonds, like mortgage backed securities. [Read more…]

Mortgage rates trending higher

It’s Thursday and that means that Freddie Mac has released their weekly mortgage rate survey: Prime Mortgage Market Survey (aka PMMS). The PMMS is based on an average of conforming rates during the last week…so as soon as the PMMS is released, the data is a week old. The data is good for showing where mortgage rates have been

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Gimme your Best Interest Rate with NO Closing Cost

The other day, a Redmond home owner contacted me for a quote to refinance their home. They specifically requested scenarios for “lowest possible interest rate without paying any points or closing costs“. [Read more…]

2021 VA Loan Limit for Washington State

Veterans who have their full entitlement, do not have a loan limit. Mortgage Master Service Corporation works with investors who will lend up to $2,000,000 for VA loans with no down payment required.

If a Veteran has remaining entitlement (not full entitlement) the the loan amounts are based on conforming loan limits in the county the home is located in. Here are the conforming loan limits for single family dwellings for 2021: [Read more…]