RIP RainCityGuide

6a00d834522f5769e2010537042aad970c-600wiRain City Guide, back in the day, was a resource for people interested in all things about Seattle…especially real estate. I was beyond honored to join the RCG panel back in 2007 to represent the mortgage industry.

Our panel had various participants over the years, including the owner, Dustin Luther and Ardell DellaLogia, Jillayne Schlicke, Craig Blackmon, Deborah Burns, Reba Haas and others.

Over the years, it changed, as did the real estate industry and sadly RCG lost it’s luster. Believe me, it takes a lot to keep a blog going!

Tonight I learned that RCG no longer exist. Apparently all of our content is gone! My last post was in December for the 2019 conforming loan limits.RIP RCG.JPG

Contributing to a panel blog or any place where you do not own your content is risky. However, I am truly sad to see RCG officially gone and that we (contributors) did not have the opportunity to salvage our content.

Honestly, I’m a bit sad about this… which is why I wanted to tip my hat to RCG and the memories of the articles I wrote and, probably even more important to me, the conversations in the blog comments.

Good by RCG – you deserved a better send off than this.


  1. That’s sad to hear. I was subscribed via rss (just like I am to your site and a few thousand others) so if there was no new posts I just didn’t see it.

    But I agree on moving on. Sometimes you don’t get the ticker tape parade you deserve. 😉

    These days I back up all the content on a regular basis for all the sites I build and manage. Those files are shipped off to safe storage, Amazon S3 just in case.

    The big message here is that blogging takes work.

    • Hi Mike! Yes, blogging is lot of work and commitment. It’s too bad that RCG couldn’t have been turned over to one of the contributors. I was not as active as I used to be because of some changes with the site. It was just kind of a real odd way to discover the site was down.

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