DIY Penny Floor Update…it’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything about our penny floor project in our basement…quite simply, that’s because it’s been a while since we’ve worked on it! We got diverted with other projects, including an investment home that we purchased (that we installed a small penny floor in) …and my husband wound up crewing a sailboat down under for about a month…I can come up with more excuses reasons why the floor has not progressed…you get the idea.

During this time, the penny floor has been silently protesting by turning different colors in patches of the floor.

So if you’re reading this post because you’re considering doing a penny floor, please be sure to not get sidetracked and finish the job as soon as possible or you’ll be dealing with this! My hubby cleaned the spots the best he could and decided it was time to seal the floor.

20161219_pennyfloorThis photo has the tools that Rob needed to use to seal the floor. I’m super sensitive to smells so the pets and I were not home when he completed this portion of the job. And…it’s best to keep the pets out of the way during this part of the process (our cat, Rocko loves the penny floor). Basically, what you see here is the epoxy and a squeegee for spreading. The cleats are for walking on the floor with a torch to get air bubbles out…luckily, it looks like he didn’t need to. Of course the respirator is a must why applying the epoxy.

Drum roll….

Here’s how it looks about 18 hours after the epoxy coating.


The white spots on the floor are reflections from the windows and the lights.


I’m pretty thrilled with how this is turning out! It will take a couple days for the floor to cure before we can walk on it.

So what’s next for this basement “man room”? Subscribe to my blog and find out. 😉

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