DIY Penny Floor: Week Three

My husband and I are starting week three of installing a penny floor in our West Seattle home. Boy oh boy…I wish the room was a bit smaller!!! However, I’m pleased to say that I think we are almost 50% down with the penny installation.

penny floor nov 21

After the estimated 35,000 pennies are glued into place, the floor will be shellacked. I’d say we’re kind of in the “dog days” of this project. Sometimes my hubby will critique that my pennies have a little too much space or I’m using too many “brights” (we have a ton of bright pennies)…and I lovingly growl at him. 🙂

We are getting ready to start doing some fancy work on some of the trim. I’m measuring a foot out from the wall and the corner to do a “loop”. I’m using this template that I’ve modified to try to plan where I should start the design.

penny floor design


Shiny… and only about 18,000 pennies to go!!!

penny floor shiny

Stay tuned for my next post!


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