The Mortgage Porter Quarterly


The first issue for 2008 of The Mortgage Porter Quarterly is being mailed starting this weekend. 

This snail-mail newsletter features:

  • Your Credit: Tips to Score Big
  • Last Minute Tax Changes for 2007
  • What’s New with Rhonda (a true read if you’re having troubles falling asleep)
  • My (and my hubby’s) favorite recipe for Huevos Rancheros (pictured above).  YES…I made that. 
  • My Mortgage Adoption Campaign
  • Credit Check Up (this issue, I recommend visiting and pulling your free copy from Experian.  (You’re allowed 1 free copy from each bureau annually).
  • And much, much more.

Would you like to be on my snail-mail list and receive The Mortgage Porter Quarterly? 

Confession:  it’s really not a quarterly.  I only mail this out three times a year (currently).  I didn’t want to call my newsletter "The Mortgage Porter Thirdly".

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