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UPDATE:  Sadly the service that I used to provide this (Mortgage Coach) no longer offers this program. HOWEVER, Mortgage Master Service Corporation has added a new program which watch mortgage rates and email an alert once we have reached your target rate.  I still adopt mortgages and help Washington home owners with refinances…I’m just not able to provide the report. 

A few months ago, I wrote about adopting mortgages for borrowers who have adjustable rate mortgages and who do not have a Mortgage Professional to assist them.  If you have not heard from your Loan Originator since your transaction closed, or even within the last few months, they either

  1. Are no longer in the mortgage industry originating mortgages, or
  2. Do not have a “post closing” system designed to help home owners stay informed about their mortgage, and
  3. Only care about originating and not what happens to borrowers afterwards.

Perhaps your Loan Originator has you on their mailing and email list and you’re just not that impressed with the level of service they offered you…you want to make a move.

Consider having your mortgage adopted by a Mortgage Professional you trust.  I personally enjoy adopting mortgages for Washington State families.   It’s a FREE service and more often than not, the current rate is fine for the family (no refinance is required).   At least the home owner knows that they have a Mortgage Professional who is watching out for them.   Refinancing a mortgage, when it makes sense, can save hundreds of dollars each month that can either be invested into savings, used to pay off debts or applied towards the principal of the new mortgage to shorten the term and reduce interest.  Bottom line, it saves home owners money and if the home owner is going to retain the mortgage long enough to break even, it’s almost crazy not to do it.   (It’s also crazy to refinance when their is no financial benefit).

I can tell many home owners do not have relationships with their loan originators because of the amount of rate quote request I receive from all over the country.  Currently, I can only help people with mortgages in Washington State (if you’re outside of Washington, I’m happy to refer you to fellow Mortgage Professionals).   

If you would like me to adopt your mortgage and add you to my rate watch, send me the following information:

  • Your Full Legal Name(s)
  • Property address
  • Estimated value of the property
  • Current mortgage balance(s)
  • Estimated credit score
  • Your email address/phone number (email is an excellent way for me to send a rate alert should mortgage interest rates drop)
  • How long you plan on keeping the property
  • Do you have taxes and insurance included in your mortgage payment

I will review your mortgage and send you a Personalized Mortgage Plan includGetthumbnailcak0vwpfing a  Total Cost Analysis which compares your existing mortgage to 3 other mortgage scenarios.   I just emailed one to a homeowner in Snoqualmie this morning showing him that he should not refinance at this time.

Again, there is no cost to you and no refinance required.  I’m happy to adopt your mortgage!


  1. I just wanted to write and say how much your site and information has helped me. I’ve had the worst time trying to get Wells Fargo to go over my ARM with me as its due soon and I wanted to know if I should refinance or sit it out and see what the CMT will be. I’m currently at the end of a 5 year ARM with 4.875% interest on a 221,000 loan balance. YOU ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS WITH YOUR SITE. I am going to wait until December 2009 and see what the CMT will be. I think I will come out lower than the current 4.875%. I’m selling next year anyway. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the scenarios you provided and the help in letting me understand what will be happening.


  1. Happy 2014 says:

    […] I’m also still “adopting” mortgages. This is something that I started years ago. If your mortgage originator has left the industry (many have), if you have not heard from them in the last six months or you don’t want to return to your past loan originator for your mortgage needs, I’m happy to “adopt” your mortgage (no refi or new mortgage is required). […]

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