My First Post at Rain City Guide


Today is a very special one for me as it marks the anniversary of my first post at Rain City Guide.  I will always feel like I magoo’d* when Dustin Luther invited me to be a contributor on his Seattle blog.  I was just learning the blogging ropes (Mortgage Porter was just a few months old) and really had no idea the significance of Rain City Guide.

My heartfelt thanks go to Dustin, ARDELL, my fellow contributors and our readers.

*”Magoo” is a term my husband and I use meaning “super lucky”.  Like how Mr. Magoo would walk off a plank, drive off a cliff and still manage to land on his feet.


  1. Rhonda,
    Your contributions have been awesome. Keep em comin’

  2. Greg, thanks so much. I really enjoy reading your blogs!

  3. Rain City Guide has been one huge magoo for many of us! And I love love love your contributions! Thanks so much for taking part in the community!

  4. Dustin, it was your invite that made me contributing on RCG possible. I thank YOU.

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