GNO last weekend at the Roanoke Park Place Tavern

Last Saturday, a group of us from Rain City Guide invited our newest member, Karen for a little "Girls Night Out".  Karen just moved to Seattle from the Chicago area and she has been documenting her transition from the windy to the rainy city.


We met up at The Roanoke Park Place Tavern in Capitol Hill (off 10th E aka Broadway).   I’ve never been to the Roanoke, and since it’s covered in ivy this time of year, I accidentally drove right passed it!   They have excellent French Dip and Nachos.  I never really had a chance to see the entire menu–we were too busy gabbing.  If you’re looking for a friendly neighborhood bar, this is the place!

Welcome to Seattle, Karen!   Pictured from left to right is Karen, Ardell, Jillayne and me.   Photography by KimCheers!


  1. Excellent French Dip and nachos… looks more like excellent cocktails!! 🙂 not that there is anything wrong with that!

    sounds like yall had a great time. It was nice of you to make Karen feel welcome. I’ve enjoyed reading about her adventure on RCG.

  2. They do have refreshing beverages…I’m more of a wine person, myself. Karen is a brave young woman to move from Chicago to Seattle on her own!

  3. Wow what a party crew! What a great move for Karen. I’d take beautiful Seattle over Chicago any day.

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