Check out my new Bling Bling


I’ve been getting my blog on, baby.  Join me for a quick tour of The Mortgage Porter.

On the first grey column, under my photo (my husband affectionately calls “the head” because it’s so close up) and favorite links, you’ll notice my Meebo.  This is an instant message tool you can use to, well…instant message me.   Questions, comments…if I’m on line, feel free to Meebo-me. 

The other feature I would like to bring your attention to is on the right column towards the bottom.  There are several different options for subscribing to The Mortgage Porter.   Probably the easiest would be entering your email address into the subscribe box.   You will not be spammed (you know how much I detest spam) and you will only receive email updates when I create a new blog.   No new post, no email update.   

And our brief tour of The Mortgage Porter is now concluding.  Thank you.

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