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  1. cristina
    May 06 - 3:15 pm


    I have worked hard to clean up my credit. The negative items that are left on my credit are hard inquiries (most will be 2 years old in Sept 2016) and 3 late payments (last late payment was march 2015). My debt to income is 19%. My score right now is 678. If I did not apply for more credit and the hard inquires fell off, how long would it take form my score to reach 740? Is that possible

    • Rhonda Porter
      May 07 - 7:28 am

      Hi Cristina,
      Without seeing your actual credit report it’s hard to advise what you should do to improve your scores. If you are closing or not using accounts, your scores may go down. This is because the current scoring module prefers older, established credit. If you have credit that is older, I would recommend using the cards to make small purchases once a month – like a bag of groceries or a tank of gas and then pay it off monthly.

      A score of 678 will still allow you to buy a home. WSHFC’s Home Advantage Mortgage does not have “price hits” to credit scores and FHA is also a flexible program.

      I’m happy to help you if you’re buying or refinancing in Washington state (where I’m licensed).

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