Larry Cragun’s Magnificent 7 Nominees for June

383169803_80606fe014_o Larry amazes me.   Not only does he have several great blogs including Real Estate Undressed, Mortgages Undressed and Issaquah Undressed; he somehow manages to devour thousands of articles to provide his monthly nominees.  Larry selects seven posts once a month and recognizes them as the Magnificent 7 for that month.

June’s Magnificent 7 Nominees are:

David Porter:  How to protect Your mortgage practice from Credit Burueaus selling your clients mortgage inquiry

Jessica Beganski: Six Things to Know About a Condo Complex Before You Buy

Kristal Kraft:  Win-win Wins

Bigger Pockets:  How to Home Buyers can stop real estate deals from collasping during an inspection period

Brian Brady:  On Title but not on the Loan?

Sparky of Sound Bite Blog:  Earnest Money: "Are you a ‘SERIOUS’ real estate buyer?"

I’m extremely honored to have two posts included with this great group:  When an appraisal comes in low and What’s wrong with calling lenders for rates?

Larry, it’s YOU who deserves a prize and recognition for all that you do.   


  1. I enjoy it. Thanks tho. Lar

  2. Larry, thank YOU!

  3. Avatar Gregg Levin says:

    Larry amazes everyone! He is Seattle’s mortgage Media expert. From his Blog industry updates to his vast assimilation of mortgage & real estate knowledge; Touché Larry

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