Larry Cragun’s Magnificent 7 Nominees for June

383169803_80606fe014_o Larry amazes me.   Not only does he have several great blogs including Real Estate Undressed, Mortgages Undressed and Issaquah Undressed; he somehow manages to devour thousands of articles to provide his monthly nominees.  Larry selects seven posts once a month and recognizes them as the Magnificent 7 for that month.

June’s Magnificent 7 Nominees are:

David Porter:  How to protect Your mortgage practice from Credit Burueaus selling your clients mortgage inquiry

Jessica Beganski: Six Things to Know About a Condo Complex Before You Buy

Kristal Kraft:  Win-win Wins

Bigger Pockets:  How to Home Buyers can stop real estate deals from collasping during an inspection period

Brian Brady:  On Title but not on the Loan?

Sparky of Sound Bite Blog:  Earnest Money: "Are you a ‘SERIOUS’ real estate buyer?"

I’m extremely honored to have two posts included with this great group:  When an appraisal comes in low and What’s wrong with calling lenders for rates?

Larry, it’s YOU who deserves a prize and recognition for all that you do.   


  1. I enjoy it. Thanks tho. Lar

  2. Larry, thank YOU!

  3. Gregg Levin says

    Larry amazes everyone! He is Seattle’s mortgage Media expert. From his Blog industry updates to his vast assimilation of mortgage & real estate knowledge; Touché Larry

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