Good Bye, Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct

The Alaskan Way Viaduct aka Highway 99, was my preferred route when traveling through Seattle. As someone who lives in West Seattle, Highway 99 (or the viaduct) was a great alternative when traveling to downtown Seattle or north Seattle. I voted against the tunnel twice and will miss the views driving the viaduct. I really wish the viaduct would have been retrofitted or rebuilt instead of the tunnel. Anyhow… I thought I would share a video our family created a few years ago about the viaduct – tunnel. No animals were harmed in this video!

I will really miss the viaduct. I enjoyed the gritty drive and will miss the amazing views. When our beloved JP Patches was at our home for my surprise 40th party, he said our elected officials had “tunnel vision” and I could not agree more.

Friday Funny: Seattle Tunnel Vision

We’ve all seen the nicely produced video (to the tune of $80k) of what could happen to the viaduct if Seattle experiences an earthquake… but have you seen the low budget version of what would happen to the proposed tunnel in a similar circumstance?

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