Are you remodeling your greater Seattle or Tacoma area home?

We’re getting ready to remodel our kitchen and recently discovered Second Use. Second Use is locations in Seattle Tacoma. They sell second-hand items for your home from furniture to all types of fixtures.

Second Use will also accept your donations for resale. We had them come to our home to check out our cabinetry and appliances that we’re replacing with the remodel. Not only do we wind up keeping these items out of a landfill, we can get a nifty tax write-off or even cash back for some items should we decide to sell them to Second Use, instead of donate…and we save money on dump fees! Donated items are sold with profits going to Habitat for Humanity.

Wait… there’s more! Second Use may even help with the demolition and/or the hauling away of your used items! Pretty cool, in my opinion.

With our home, hubby is going to do a majority of the demolition.

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