30 Years in the Real Estate Industry

2014-01-27_0929It’s taking me a couple days to write this post because it’s hard for me to fathom that this month marks my 30th year in the real estate industry. Thirty years ago, I was hired to be a doc puller at Safeco Title Insurance Company. I was promoted to Customer Service and promoted again to work in the title units. This picture of me is from a calendar that Chicago Title created to promote “Unit 5”. And yes, that is Chuck Knox, Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, and my hair was as big as the shoulder pads!

I worked at a couple title companies over the years…the last one was my favorite, Washington Title Company. I was one of the first people recruited to launch Washington Title. It was a great time to be a “title rep” and I worked with a great team.

I switched gears on April 1, 2000 and joined the mortgage industry at Mortgage Master Service Corporation. Our company is owned and operated by my in-laws. When I began at Mortgage Master, Bob Porter was in most days and would often hand out our rate sheets. Back then, when we had intra-day rate changes, they came over the fax! We would also have to fax in our request to lock in a rate, which could be unnerving to wait…and wait… and wait for the return fax to see if you actually got the pricing/rate you wanted or if there if pricing had deteriorated. Technology has really improved over the years!

Sixteen years later and I am still helping people buy or refinance their Washington homes. Now, I not only work with my in-laws, I share an office with my youngest sister, Janette. Janette and I have been working together for the last couple of years. She’s my right hand!

Thirty years…where does all that time go? It certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

Thank you to all of my past and present co-workers, my clients and my readers for your support over the years. 

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