DIY Sea Shell and Sea Glass Sconce

Just for fun, I decided to take a plain sconce and glue sea shells and glass that we’ve collected to it. My husband and I collected a majority of the sea shells from beaches along West Seattle.2016-01-20 22.04.43
I found a real simple sconce at Lowe’s in Tukwila for just under $20 (something like this). And began by gluing larger shells and glass along the base (which is actually the top part of the sconce). I decided to try to use pieces that have a flat edge. For the glue, as with the sea glass mirror I created, I’m using Weldbond.

2016-01-23 23.14.16
I’m also having to use props to help keep the glass and shells in place.
2016-01-24 11.41.39
I wait until the glue has pretty much dried before adding another layer to the sconce. It’s a slow process, but you don’t want to have everything slide down on you because of the bottom layer not being secure and dried.

As I work my way up the sconce, the pieces of glass and shells become smaller. I also try to keep the pieces that go along the side of the sconce, which will be against the wall, flat.

Using a flashlight, I can get an idea of how the sconce will look before we install it.
sconce 2
sconce 3


  1. Love this idea!!!! I collect clear, white and amber agates, I may have to try this

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