DIY Sea Glass Mirror

I guess I’m becoming very crafty… I wanted a sea glass mirror for one of our bathrooms. When I checked online, I was a little surprised at the cost so I decided to make my own. My husband happened to have a mirror of the exact size that I wanted for the bathroom that he was hoarding storing from a previous home. It’s an oval mirror with a beveled edge.

We have a nice collection of sea glass that we have collected over the years.

2016-01-20 22.04.43

I purchased some bags of sea glass at Pier One Imports. Pier One’s sea glass is flat and not as unique as true sea glass, so I used it for a base to create my sea glass framed mirror.
2016-01-20 22.04.29
Before I began gluing, I placed the flat (Pier One) glass along the beveled edge to create the base.

2016-01-20 21.03.51

I also happened to have some Weldbond glue, thanks to our penny floor project, which works great for gluing glass to glass. The sea glass did want to slide on the beveled portion of the mirror, so I used Christmas mugs and anything else within reach to encourage the glass to stay in place until the glue could set.

2016-01-20 22.26.45

The glue is taking quite a bit of time to dry. The website says it can take a couple days to cure.

Stay tuned! I’ll share another post soon with pics of my sea glass mirror in our bathroom!


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