My Happy Anniversaries

2015-04-01_092215 years ago today, I left my title and escrow career of fourteen years behind for a career in the mortgage industry at Mortgage Master Service Corporation. When I told the real estate agents that I worked with as their title rep for many years that I was “retiring” to become a loan officer, many thought I was playing an April Fools joke on them!

I have enjoyed my mortgage career and working with my family at Mortgage Master Service Corporation. Mortgage Master has been owned and operated by my in-laws since 1976. And my sister, Janette, joined my team as my Production Partner, last year. It truly is a family business!

Nine years ago today, I married Rob. We had actually hired JP Patches to perform the ceremony… I believe we would have been the only wedding that he officiated. Being married by a (much beloved) clown and on April Fools was a little too much for some of our family members, so we decided to stick with the date. Besides, JP had never performed a wedding ceremony and we would have had to “make it official” at the courthouse.

April Fools is a very special day for me.

Happy April Fools to you!

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