I’m BACK from my Pointless vacation in the San Juan Islands and British Columbia

I’m back home in Seattle from a two week (okay, just over 2 week) vacation on our sailboat, Pointless. We cruised the San Juans, up to Princess Louisa Islet and returned home via the Canadian Gulf Islands. The sailboat is newer to us – we’ve had it almost a year. She’s a Valiant 40 that was built in 1985. We purchased her from the original owners who sailed her around the world while living aboard. My husband has spent the last year lovingly sprucing her up and this vacation was the longest voyage she (or I) have been on to date!

Pointless Jones Island Aug 2014

The first leg of our vacation was with a couple of our friends, Quinn and Amy. Quinn snapped this photo of Pointless anchored by Jones Island in the San Juans. Our trip with them also included a stop at Roache Harbor and Friday Harbor before landing back at Anacortes for their drive home.

From there, we sailed to Bellingham to have dinner with our daughter before heading up to Princess Louisa Inlet. During the remainder of our trip, it was just me, hubby and our Flat Coated Retriever puppy, Hitch. The picture below is from our first night with the three of us, coming into Vancouver, BC.

2014-08-18 20.56.40

Princess Louisa Islet is beautiful, as were the many anchorages along the way.

2014-08-22 09.00.15

We wound up our vacation meeting up with my brother in law and his family back in the San Juans at Lopez Island.

This was a great adventure for me. When my husband purchased this boat last year – I was afraid to step on it from the dock. To spend this much time sailing and to be able to continue to push myself each time I’m on the boat (baby steps, mind you) further beyond my fear has been exhilarating.

17 days is also the most time I’ve had off from work. Typically, when I take a vacation, I’m not fully on vacation – if there is internet available, I’m still checking messages and getting involved with transactions, even if it’s “behind the scenes”. There were a few days on this trip when we were in such remote places, like Princess Louisa or in the San Juans, that I had to truly “disconnect”. I am grateful to my excellent team at Mortgage Master who helped take care of my clients during this extraordinary vacation and I’m looking forward to returning back to work with my batteries refreshed and recharged!

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